Peter Fleischmann – Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein AKA Hard to Be a God (1989)

Another planet in the period of medieval times. An employee of the institute of experimental history from Earth, who is send under the name of noble don Rumata of Estor as a spy with a mission to contact the local resident of the institute, arrives in the city of Arkanar. But the resident perishes under an unlucky attempt to make a palace coup, and Rumata have to take his place as the resident. Soon he meets all the horrors of the medieval society – a peasant war, palace coups, mass executions. To continue to be an indifferent watcher of all these horrors turns out to be simply impossible… Read More »

Jean-Pierre Mocky – Agent Trouble AKA The Man Who Loved Zoos (1987)

Amanda Weber is a museum employee. Her nephew, Victorien, who feels that wild animals should not be kept in zoos, while hitchhiking saw a mysterious bus with 50 dead tourists that later was found by autorities at the bottom of a lake. When Victorien gets in very serious problems due to what he saw Amanda seeks to find out what happened and soon also becomes a target. Read More »

Wendell B. Harris Jr. – Chameleon Street (1989)

Chameleon Street is a 1989 independent film written by, directed by and starring Wendell B. Harris, Jr.. It tells the story of a social chameleon who impersonates reporters, doctors and lawyers in order to make money.

The film is a satire based on the life of Detroit con artist and high-school drop-out William Douglas Street, Jr., who successfully impersonated professional reporters, lawyers, athletes, extortionists, and surgeons, going so far as to perform more than 36 successful hysterectomies. A Sundance Film Festival press release in 2008 described it as “one of the first films to examine how mellifluously race, class, and role-playing morph into the social fabric of America.” Read More »

Harold Pinter – Mountain Language (1988)

‘Inspired by a visit to Turkey and Pinter’s experience of the suppression of the Kurdish language, this short, sharp shock of a play explores the increasing intolerance of dissent.
Written in cold fury, it’s a play that shows how, in dictatorial states, the suppression of language becomes an extension of physical brutality.’
– BFI Read More »

Vladimir Kobrin – Homo Paradoksum AKA Homo Paradoxum (1989)

In 1974, the Soviet government sent encrypted messages to the aliens…
Philosophical essay about paradoxicality of humanity as a species, and the ambition of humans to see aliens with their own eyes.
Kobrin sent his own message to alien archeologists in a form of this film. Read More »

Samba Félix NDiaye – Trésors des poubelles aka Treasures from the trash (1989)

Samba Félix NDiaye was born on the 6th of March 1945 in Dakar. As an adolescent he developed a passion for cinema and ran his school’s Film Club. He studied law and economy at the University of Dakar, but his passion for cinema remained steadfast. He then went on to study film theory at the University of Paris VIII while attending more practical courses at the Louis Lumière School. Concurrent to his film studies, he took courses in ethno-psychiatry at the École des hautes études and also directed his first short film, Pérantal, in 1974. This marked the first leg of the career of a filmmaker who has been shaped by reality and the depictering of a world to which he then dedicates his cinematographic know-how. Read More »

Alain Delon – Pour la peau d’un flic AKA For a Cop’s Hide (1981)

In Paris, the ex-cop Choucas is a private detective that works with a mysterious partner, Tarpon, and the secretary Charlotte. He is presently working in an embezzlement case of an employee of the pharmacist Jude. When the middle-aged Isabelle Pigot hires him to investigate the disappearance of her blind twenty year-old daughter Marthe Pigot that worked at the Drillard Foundation for blinds, the Police Inspector Coccioli seeks Choucas out and asks him to drop the case. But Choucas proceeds with the investigation and schedules an encounter with Isabelle in a square, but she is murdered with a shot on the forehead. Read More »