Avery Crounse – Eyes of Fire (1983)

This is a story of Protestant pioneers, a single family that travels into the wilderness following the prophetic misguidance of a single man whose desires outweigh his prudence. At the height of the witch terrors, this historical horror is more accurate than many another film, and does not overstretch its portrayals to suit audience expectation. Read More »

Shyam Ramsay & Tulsi Ramsay – Bandh Darwaza AKA The Closed Door (1990)

Bandh Darwaza is the Indian version of Dracula. A childless woman visits the lair of an evil magician in order that she may conceive. When she gives birth to a baby girl the magician demands that she hand her over. She refuses and has the magician killed. Years later he is revived as a fully fledged member of the undead. He comes looking for the now teenage girl intending to make her his slave. Read More »

Colin Campbell – Dangling by Their Mouths (1981)

In Dangling by Their Mouths, Campbell casts himself as the female lead named Anna. At first, the obvious image of the cross-dressing Campbell playing the part of Anna is quite displacing. However, by avoiding the “camp” aspects of gender bending (quite often found in videos from the 1980s), Campbell’s performance allows the viewer to suspend their disbelief until, midway through the tape, Campbell has successfully transformed into Anna. Read More »

Peter Wang – A Great Wall (1986)

When computer programmer, Leo Fang, is passed up for promotion, he feels it is because he is Chinese, and quits. He takes his Chinese-American family to Mainland China to visit his sister and her family for the first time. Read More »

Nobuhiko Obayashi – Sabishinbô aka Lonely Heart (1985)

Lonely and love-struck, high-school student Hiroki pursues one girl but another one mysteriously appears in his life. Is she a figment of his lonely psyche, or real? An intricate triangle develops, and the viewer can’t quite be sure what is happening until the whole story is neatly resolved at the end. Read More »

Meredith Monk – Book of Days (1989)

From Jennifer Dunning’s 1990 review in The New York Times:
“Meredith Monk has been an anomaly for much of her 27-year career as a composer and choreographer, creating dances that were operas, operas that were dances and mythic theater pieces that were operas and dances. To complicate matters, Ms. Monk is also a filmmaker. In Book of Days, she has created a film that is essentially a moving picture. Read More »

Bret McCormick – The Abomination (1986)

from bleedingskull . com

The Abomination is manic, ambitious, and completely insane. Upon initial impressions, it’s no trash classic. But there’s something else there. Something special. Something which finds an abrasive balance between Biblical riffing, physical sickness, skewed humor, and bloody vagina monsters which hide in cubbards (and washing machines). How does that grab you? Read More »