Sérgio Péo – ABC Brasil (1981)


workers strikes at 80s in abc paulista – sao paulo – brazil.

Na década de 80, acompanhou a emergência do movimento operário e do Partido dos Trabalhadores no ABC paulista. Read More »

Aleksandr Sokurov – Sonata dlya Gitlera AKA Sonata for Hitler (1979 – 1989)

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Set to the music of Bach and Penderecki, Sonata for Hitler weaves together a bank of images from German and Soviet archive footage, drawing out a psychological dimension from the historical landscape at the end of World War II.

Alexander Sokurov’s Sonata for Hitler was banned by the Soviet authorities in his home country of Russia and was not released until a decade after it was completed. Much of his early work, in fact, was considered ‘anti-communist’ and remained unseen for years. It was not until 1996 that he produced his first internationally acclaimed feature, Mother and Son.
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Gotot Prakosa – Experimental Shorts by Gotot Prakosa (1977-1982)

Impulse (1977)
An early experimental abstract animation, made by drawing directly on to 16mm film Read More »

Kinji Fukasaku & Koreyoshi Kurahara – Seishun no mon AKA The Gate Of Youth (1981)


This hard-to-find Fukasaku/Kurahara collaboration is an interesting coming-of-age story. The boy Shisuke grows up in a coal mining community in Kyushu, during and after the Second World War, and the viewer is treated to the
circumstances that shape the young man who emerges. Read More »

Jean-Claude Brisseau – Noce Blanche AKA White Wedding (1989)


from imdb,
“A teacher of philosophy discovers a complicated pupil, a seventeen year old girl with a quite cynic and lucid view of the world. He gets involved in helping her to follow the routine of the study, but soon he is fascinated by her and they fall in a passionate love. When the teacher confronts their affair with reality he decides staying with his wife. But the girl will not accept it.” Read More »

Les Blank & Maureen Gosling – Yum, Yum, Yum! A Taste of Cajun and Creole Cooking (1990)


Yum, Yum, Yum! is a glorius celebration of cooking and eating in Louisiana. It’s Les Blank and Maureen Gosling’s latest love song to the little-known Cajun and Creole cultures of the Gulf Coast and backwood bayous. It’s as seductive as a five-star dinner in one of New Orleans’ top-line restuarants, as simple (and unforgettable) as a home-cooked meal in Eunice.
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Robert Kramer – Route One USA (1989)


From more than 65 hours of film footage, acclaimed American independent filmmaker
Robert Kramer crafted this epic portrait of the famous highway that runs from Maine
to Key West, Florida. Route One/USA shows how what was once the most traveled roadway
in the world has become, in the words of the filmmaker, “a thin stretch of asphalt
cutting through the dreams of a nation.” Read More »