Margarethe von Trotta – Das Versprechen (1995)


From the L.A. Times:
November 03, 1995
Kevin Thomas


Margarethe von Trotta’s beautiful, stirring love story “The Promise” reveals, through the lives of one young couple, the profound impact the Berlin Wall had on all Germans, East and West alike. It is a splendid example of classic screen storytelling by a renowned international filmmaker, a work of strength and simplicity that illuminates with flawless craftsmanship many complex issues and contradictions. Epic in scale, spanning the entire 28-year existence of the Wall, it is at once romantic and political yet ultimately personal. Read More »

Teresa Villaverde – Três Irmãos AKA Two Brothers, My Sister (1994)


Lisbon of the nineties. Three siblings, a girl and two boys, live together in a most close kind of relationship. The centre of the story is the girl, Maria, who hardly ever says what she thinks neither knows what she wants. “Teresa Villaverde re-states her sensitiveness in this portrait of a fragile girl in a film of high visual elegance of utmost sadness.”
Positif, November 1994 Read More »

Audrius Stonys – Earth of the blind (1992)

About the movie
– Film was formed from at least three single ideas. Story about cow which is being lead to butchery. Second story is about simple joys, about climbing hill and going down by disabled carriage. Third story is about blind. All these stories have joined intuitively in somekind of irrational way. Big eyes of cows mingled blind people eyes.(taken from his website stonys.lt) Read More »

Strathford Hamilton – The Proposition (1997)


Plot: In Wales, around 1800, Catherine Morgan is widowed young, her husband a war casualty whose unpaid gambling debts threaten both the loss of home and farm and destitution for her and her daughters Elen and Emily. Catherine hopes to save them by selling their cattle at a distant market. She must overcome the hardships of the cattle drive across the craggy Welsh countryside as an obsessively infatuated sheriff, whom she does not love, attempts to thwart the drive; and she must work out her insecurities in her relationship to his half-brother, an experienced drover, who helps her on the drive. Read More »

Audrius Stonys – Fedia. three inutes after the big bang (1999)

About the movie
Fedia – man living in little yellow house next to Gariūnai marketplace. To him life seems simple, completely transparent and without any hidden truths. Cosmic problems are far away from him. Next to him is world, where lives astrophysics manipulating with numbers, which are so big that do not have names. These two worlds exist next to each other..(taken from his website stonys.lt) Read More »

Alireza Davoudnejad – Niaz AKA The Need (1992)

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Two boys compete for one job they both desperately need.

Won – 1992 – Crystal Simorgh Award – Best Film – Fajr Film Festival
Featured in Film Magazine’s Best Iranian film lists of 2009 and 2008
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Jacques Doillon – Ponette (1996)


An extremely captivating movie on how a little girl copes with her mother’s death. She withdraws from all the people around her, waiting for her mother to come back. She tries waiting, and when her mother still doesn’t appear, tries magic chants, praying to God, and then becoming a child of God, to have some power over Him. All to no avail. But then, when she is in despair, her mother does come back… Read More »