Handan Ipekçi – Çinar agaci (2011)


Turkish family drama. Adviye Hanim, a grandmother who resorts to her own inimitable methods to restore peace and harmony to her brood as they face a period of upheaval and uncertainty in their lives.


Graduted from Gazi University, Faculty of Communication, Radio-Television Department. She implemented her first directing experience with the documentary titled “THE BALLAD OF KEMANCHA” (1993). Her first feature-length film “MY DADDY IS IN THE ARMY” (1994), was shown in the Panaroma segment of the Berlin Film Festival.

The second feature-length implemented in 2001 “BIG MAN, TINY LOVE” won 20 national and international prizes. Same year the film was nominated as Turkey’s Oscar candidate. Continue reading Handan Ipekçi – Çinar agaci (2011)

Ashley Gething – Cutting Edge: Breaking a Female Paedophile Ring (2011)


Channel 4 – 26 May 2011

Colin Blanchard, Vanessa George, Angela Allen, Tracy Lyons and Tracey Dawber provoked widespread revulsion and made international headlines after their sexual offences against children came to light in 2009.

With unique access to the police investigation, Cutting Edge is the first film to take an in-depth forensic look at this criminal web, detailing how it operated, and what motivated the five people within it.

This carefully crafted, sensitive and revealing documentary uses police interviews with the offenders, and first-hand testimonies from family members of the offenders and the parents of a possible victim. Continue reading Ashley Gething – Cutting Edge: Breaking a Female Paedophile Ring (2011)

Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Ashes (2012)

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Ashes contemplates love, pleasure, and the destruction of memory. The surroundings of everyday life are shared with extreme intimacy. For Apichatpong, Thailand, while full of beauty, is slowly collapsing into darkness.

“King Kong rarely barked. She had been with us since she was three months old. Every night she slept and looked around in her dreams.

We thought that our spirits were enriched by the fertile soil and the greenest leaves and the rarest insects and the abundance of humility. But came a day in March we woke up from our dream. The sky wept ashes. The rotten ground trembled as baby worms rose to taste the gray snow. Across the mountains the light of devotion shone and blinded our souls. The darkness was so bright we wept and shouted in silence. And we woke up again, and again. Continue reading Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Ashes (2012)

Ben Rivers – Slow Action (2011)


Slow Action is a post-apocalyptic science fiction film which exists somewhere between documentary, ethnographic study and fiction. Slow Action applies the idea of island biogeography – the study of how species and eco-systems evolve differently when isolated and surrounded by unsuitable habitat – to a conception of the Earth in a few hundred years; the sea level rising to absurd heights, creating hyperbolic utopias that appear as possible future mini-societies.

Slow Action is filmed at different sites across the globe: Lanzarote – a beautiful strange island known for its beach resorts yet one of the driest places on the planet, full of dead volcanoes and strange architecture; Gunkanjima – an island off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan, a deserted city built on a rock, once home to thousands of families mining its rich coal reserves; Tuvalu – one of the smallest countries in the world, with tiny strips of land barely above sea level in the middle of the Pacific; and Somerset – an as yet to be discovered island and its various clades. Continue reading Ben Rivers – Slow Action (2011)

Alexander Kluge, Basil Gelpke – Mensch 2.0 (2011)

Another mammoth-project with the “chronologist of our time” Alexander Kluge. With 12 hours film, Gelpke and Kluge try to get a better understanding of the new human, which arouse from the internet, artificial intelligence…. Like his last projects, this films are complilations of many fragments, shorts, fiction-interviews, opera, theatre etc. Continue reading Alexander Kluge, Basil Gelpke – Mensch 2.0 (2011)

Kana Matsumoto & Kayo Nakamura – Tôkyô Oashisu aka Tokyo Oasis (2011)


Plot / Synopsis
Set in Tokyo, actress Touko leaves the filming set of her latest project. She then comes across three people by random chance. She gives a ride to a man named Nagano whom she has never met before. At a small theater Kouko runs into Kikuchi – a former screen writer who now works in the small theater. Lastly, Touko meets Yasuko at the zoo. Yasuko is a women studying for her college entrance exam and applying for a job at the zoo. Continue reading Kana Matsumoto & Kayo Nakamura – Tôkyô Oashisu aka Tokyo Oasis (2011)

Karl Markovics – Atmen AKA Breathing (2011)


Roman, played by Thomas Schubert, is a 19-year-old man who has known little else than prison walls. He is serving time for murder, but is at the end of his sentence. Parole may be offered if he can hold down a job in the real world. He has tried many different vocations, but has never lasted longer than a day. With one last attempt before his hearing Roman takes on a job at an undertakers. Could this be the one that helps him find his place in society? Continue reading Karl Markovics – Atmen AKA Breathing (2011)