Abel Ferrara – Alive in France (2017)

Abel Ferrara headlines a film retrospective and a series of concerts in France dedicated to songs and music from his films. Preparations with his family and friends will form the material of this self portrait, showing another side of the director of legendary films Bad Lieutenant, The King of New York and The Addiction. Ferrara is joined on stage by past collaborators, including composer Joe Delia, actor-singer Paul Hipp and his wife actress Cristina Chiriac, for concerts at the Metronum in Toulouse and the Salo Club in Paris in October 2016. Read More »

Zdenek Viktora – Raluca (2014)

A detective falls in love with a beautiful woman he meets in a bar…

Former cop Filip Marold doesn’t want to be reminded of some things from his past. But others remind him… He works as a private detective, sleeps with his secretary and spies on people for money. All up to the moment when he meets seductive Raluca and his life turns upside down. Is it just a coincidence? Fate? Or has someone set a trap? Even in his wildest dreams he wouldn’t imagine the things that were about to happen. Read More »

Oded Binnun & Mihal Brezis – Aya (2012)

Two strangers unexpectedly meet at an airport. He mistakenly assumes her to be his assigned driver.
She, enchanted by the random encounter, does not hurry to prove him wrong. Read More »

Abel Ferrara – Sportin’ Life (2020)

Sportin’ Life is the sixth incarnation of the international art project Self, curated by Saint Laurent’s creative director, Anthony Vaccarello. This project is an artistic commentary on society while emphasizing the complexity of various individuals through the eyes of artists who evoke the Saint Laurent attitude of confidence, individuality and self-expression. The documentary is an exploration into the sources and personal history of creativity, the essential life of an artist. Raw and sharp, it has the feeling of a moment in time that is still happening. Abel Ferrara’s intimate and lush look at his own life, his world refracted through his art – music, filmmaking, his collaborators and inspirations such as Ferrara’s early works and his creative partnerships with Willem Dafoe, Joe Delia, Paul Hipp and the musicians who inspired this work. Read More »

Rosa von Praunheim – Praunheim Memoires (2014)

Rosa von Praunheim sheds light on his life story and the most important stages in it. Born Holger Radtke, he moved to Frankfurt am Main with his adoptive parents at the age of twelve. With his documentary `Not the homosexual is perverse, but the situation in which he lives’ from 1971, he is considered a cofounder of the political gay and lesbian movement in Germany. Read More »

Charlie Curran – See Know Evil (2018)

See Know Evil is the first documentary to describe the art and life of Davide Sorrenti, an icon of 90’s fashion, photography and youth culture.

Born to the renowned Sorrenti family and diagnosed with a rare anemia, Davide spent his youth pushing the limits of experience with raw urgency, his prodigious photos influencing the rise of “heroin chic”, and the media controversy surrounding his death at the age of 20. Read More »

Sergei Dvortsevoy – Ayka (2018)

A poor woman without a job struggles to raise her child.

Ayka is a 2018 drama film directed by Sergey Dvortsevoy. It was selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. At Cannes, Samal Yeslyamova won the award for Best Actress. It was selected as the Kazakhstani entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards, making the December shortlist. Read More »