Ilya Khrzhanovskiy & Jekaterina Oertel – DAU. Three Days (2020)

It is 1956. Dau is a distinguished Soviet scientist who meets up with the love of his youth – Maria, a Greek actress – during her three day visit to Moscow. They haven’t seen each other for 25 years. Dau is a successful and prosperous scientist, but feels excruciatingly dissatisfied with his family life. Through Maria he hopes to regain lost harmony and beauty, but reality intrudes when Nora, Dau’s wife, returns home. Read More »

Ilya Khrzhanovskiy & Ilya Permyakov – DAU. New Man (2020)

Maxim and his comrades-in-arms are participating in top-secret experiments into the creation of a new man. The employees of the secret Institute are characterised by everything Maxim detests: alcoholism, depravity, weak will, loss of ideals, and lack of faith in the future. Vika, one of the waitresses in the Institute’s cafeteria, falls in love with the young communist, though she is scared by his fascination with eugenics and his violent tendencies. Vika hopes that her passion and tenderness will soften Maxim, while the state security agents keep a watchful eye on their developing relationship. Read More »

Carla Simón & Dominga Sotomayor Castillo – Correspondencia (2020)

Shaped like a filmed exchange of letters between director Carla Simón (among her works, the multi-nominated feature Estiu 1993 [2017] and the shorts Born Positive [2012] and Lipstick [2013]) and Dominga Sotomayor (director of celebrated pictures such as Thursday Till Sunday [2012] and Too Late to Die Young [2018]), this short film is an intense and intimate dialogue that interweaves a complex relationship between the two women. Through the images, emotions, and feelings, the two friends share stories and secrets that may have not found another way to be expressed. Shifting between Spain and Chile, the film gradually moves from the personal and confronts the political upheavals in their respective countries. The clashes between police forces and demonstrators become the image of a conflict that refuses to stay confined in the secret realms of the family but demands to confront publicly the issues that cause alienation and suffering. A challenging, deeply poignant and affecting film. “Revolution – Solution to all dreams”, as Michel Leiris used to say.

Giona A. Nazzaro Read More »

Olaf de Fleur Johannesson – Borgríki AKA City State [+extra] (2011)

Set in modern day Iceland, an immigrant vows revenge after losing his unborn child in an attack by a crime syndicate, thereby binding his fate with a troubled policewoman, her corrupt police commander, and a crime lord who’s losing his edge. Read More »

Irene Gutiérrez Torres & Javier Labrador Deulofeu – Hotel Nueva Isla (2014)

Despite the building’s imminent collapse, the last inhabitant of a once luxurious hotel refuses to leave: he remains convinced that treasures, hidden by the hotel’s original owners, lie waiting within its walls. Read More »

Jeanne Leblanc – Les nôtres AKA Our Own (2020)

When faced with life’s challenges, Ste-Adeline’s community has always stuck together. But this time, a scandal sends shockwaves through the quiet little town’s very foundation, testing its inhabitants. At the center of the storm is Magalie, a teenager with a girlish pout; Manuel, the foster child of the beloved mayor; and Isabelle and Chantale, the powerless yet protective mothers. In Ste-Adeline, appearances are deceptive. And the town’s carefully maintained social veneer will come to crack, slowly revealing the true nature of its residents. Read More »

Alex Piperno – Lloren la locura perdida de estos campos (2019)

A girl dies in a provincial summer house and is buried by her family. By night a wild dog unearths the corpse and takes it to the woods. Under the shade of the trees, the girl wakes up and decides to return home accompanied by the dog. Read More »