Alex Ross Perry – Impolex (2009)

 Alex Ross Perry   Impolex (2009)

thgc Alex Ross Perry   Impolex (2009)

Impolex tells the story of Tyrone S., a United States soldier in Operation Paperclip, the mission to locate and retrieve German rockets and rocket science after the end of World War II. Tyrone is tasked with finding what he believes are the last V-2’s. Lost in the woods of an undefined European country, people from Tyrone’s past begin to appear in unusual ways, bearing strange tidings. A loved one he abandoned for the war is especially prominent in Tyrone’s journey, as is a fellow soldier and a mysterious man with tidings of the present and the future that are not yet known to Tyrone. Impolex is an unjustifiable blend of the bare bones realism of John Ford’s WWII documentaries and the glorious stupidity of Abbot and Costello.
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Enzo Doria & Luigi Russo – Adamo ed Eva, la prima storia d’amore aka Adam and Eve (1983)

 Enzo Doria & Luigi Russo   Adamo ed Eva, la prima storia damore aka Adam and Eve (1983)

thgc Enzo Doria & Luigi Russo   Adamo ed Eva, la prima storia damore aka Adam and Eve (1983)

God casts Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden because Eve decided to have a fling with a visiting Cro-Magnon named Bearkiller. The disgraced couple find themselves on the outside up against an assortment of various dinosaurs, flying monsters and cannibals. Continue reading

Nikoloz Sanishvili – Chermeni AKA Chermen (1970)

beis Nikoloz Sanishvili – Chermeni AKA Chermen (1970)

thgc Nikoloz Sanishvili – Chermeni AKA Chermen (1970)

The film’s main hero is Chermen. An illegitimate son, Chermen is striving to assert his dignity. He is opposed by Dacco, the elder of the Aldar clan, in whose village Chermen lives. Guided by mercenary motives, Dacco strikes a deal with Prince Tsarai. Together, they rob people and then divide the loot between themselves.
By some chance, Chermen learns of the deal and informs his friends about it. At first, he thinks that no one in the Aldar village would believe him, the bastard, and that the plot would remain unexposed. But the friends accept the challenge. Continue reading

Julien Duvivier – Golgotha (1935)

 Julien Duvivier   Golgotha (1935)

thgc Julien Duvivier   Golgotha (1935)

Golgotha is noteworthy because it is the very first sound-picture ever made about Jesust. On top of that, it is thoroughly well done and engrossing. It starred a cast of hundreds—perhaps the biggest ever assembled for a film at the time. Like Cecil B. DeMille’s 1927 film King of Kings, Duvivier gives his film a glossy, Hollywood look featuring terrific sets and (at the time) epic camera shots, but unlike many Hollywood incarnations of Jesus’ life, the story is decidedly intimate, focusing on characters who speak quietly in closed rooms rather than over-expressive actors who wear their Shakespearian training (or lack thereof) on their sleeves. Continue reading

pixel Julien Duvivier   Golgotha (1935)