Ahmet Turgut Yazman – Gobeklitepe: The World’s First Temple (2010) (DVD)


From the press kit:

Short Story
While challenging common beliefs on the history of
civilization, the film takes the audience back to 12
thousand years ago, to Göbeklitepe, an ancient site
recently found in SanliUrfa, Turkiye. With its brilliant
graphics and interviews with experts, the film shows how
old taboos come tumbling down as we keep scratching
the surface.
About the Production
Two years of investigation and production planning.
17,500 km in four countries. Two years of filming. 1200
hours of work with a crew that could pull it off by means
of fine workmanship on VFX, 3D, 2D animations and
illustrations of mythological tales and re-designing of the
site, making the rich text easy to digest. Continue reading