Alan Rudolph – Choose Me (1984)


synopsis – AMG:
The lives of five L.A. natives intertwine in this romantic comedy from independent filmmaker and former Robert Altman protégé Alan Rudolph. Eve (Lesley Ann Warren) is a bar owner who has sworn off permanent commitments, seeking only the temporary sexual satisfaction of men. Her roommate Ann (Genevieve Bujold) is her polar opposite. In reality, Ann is secretly the radio sex therapist Dr. Nancy Love, but she has little romantic experience despite her profession. Into their lives comes Mickey (Keith Carradine), a recent mental patient who might be an enigmatic pathological liar. Though she’s powerfully attracted to Mickey, Eve’s kept at arm’s length by her lover Zack (Patrick Bauchau), a married man whose wife (Rae Dawn Chong) also finds Mickey irresistible. When Nancy sleeps with Mickey, he proposes marriage, but she rejects him, though the assignation does have a positive effect on her radio show. Considered Rudolph’s seminal work, Choose Me (1984) was the third in a thematically-linked trilogy from the quirky low-budget director, the first two being Welcome to L.A. (1977) and Remember My Name (1978). Continue reading

Alan Rudolph – Remember My Name (1978)

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Chaplin plays a woman who has just been released from prison for killing her husband’s lover. She tracks down her husband (Perkins), and his new wife and begins harassing them & plotting her revenge. Along the way, she ensnares Pike (Moses Gunn), a lonely security guard and turns him into her personal step-and-fetchit man. Goldblum plays the manager of a Five & Dime where Chaplin gets a job, Woodard is her co-worker. Continue reading