Alexander Doulerain & Sergei Koryagin – Ivan The Idiot aka Ivan-Durak (2002)

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Origin of idea

Ivan the Idiot is one of the most popular personas found in Russian folklore. His story serves as the basic fable of “Ivan the Idiot”: Ivan as hero saves a sleeping beauty from the clutches of evil. However, in this rendition, “Ivan the Idiot” is told in a slightly different style than usual; it’s a cybercomic.

“Ivan the Idiot” embraces a variety of themes and influences. From classical Russian folklore to the cosmogony of Daniel Andreev, one of the most esoteric philosophers of the 20th century, there are traces of “Rambo: First Blood,” Goddard, Sterling and Gibson (the fathers of cyberpunk), popular Russian cartoons of the 1970s, and Russian parallel cinema of the 1990s. The Marx Brothers and Kuleshova also receive a nod in this new Russian avant-garde comedy. Continue reading