Andrzej Wajda

Andrzej Wajda – Eine Liebe in Deutschland AKA A Love in Germany (1983)


In May of 1983, a man turns 49 and, with his 17-year old son, journeys to the village in Baden that he left 40 years before. He wants to discover what happened then, the truth about an affair his mother had with a young Polish prisoner of war, how the authorities came to learn of it, the lovers’ arrest, and the aftermath. While his son takes Polaroid photographs, he retraces the steps of his childhood and interviews those who should remember. The story is disclosed in flashbacks that focus on the lovers (Paulina and Stanislaus), on a jealous and conniving neighbor, and on Mayer, the local SS commander who wants to find a way out of inevitable consequences.

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Andrzej Wajda – Zly chlopiec AKA The Bad Boy (1950)



First short film by Wajda, based on the story “A Naughty Boy” by A. Chekhov. Read More »

Andrzej Wajda – Kanal (1957)


Synopsis : At the end of the Warsaw uprising, the few remaining groups of Polish resistance are collapsing under the German onslaught. After taking heavy casualties, the 43 men and women fighters of Lt. Zadra (Wienczyslaw Glinski) are ordered back into the center of the city via the only route not completely controlled by the Germans, the sewers…
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Andrzej Wajda – Niewinni czarodzieje AKA Innocent Sorcerers (1960)


A young doctor is tired of being sought by women. One night he meets a young girl who all but forces herself into his room where they talk of morals and love. But he loses her when he goes out to see some friends and then rushes madly around the city after her.

A neglected masterpiece by Andrzej Wajda, reflective of the best of 1960s Polish cinema. Wry and cynical in tone, the work is important for being “the first film in Eastern Europe to chronicle the disillusionment of the younger generation” (San Francisco Chronicle). A bachelor doctor, who is also a jazz musician, can’t quite commit himself to his superficial girlfriend. He and his aimless friends find any kind of human contact or emotional commitment a troubling and ultimately uninviting prospect. With Tadeusz Lomnicki, Zbigniew Cybulski, and a young Roman Polanski. Read More »

Andrzej Wajda – Kronika wypadków milosnych AKA Chronicle of Amorous Accidents (1986)

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Returning to Poland after two large international productions, Wajda once again opted for a change of pace by delving into a deeply lyrical, romantic story reminiscent of a bygone era. Chronicle of Love Affairs takes place in the months preceding the September 1939 outbreak of World War II, in what was a Polish community around Vilnius, in modern-day Lithuania. Read More »