Antonio Mercero – La Cabina aka The Telephone Box (1972)


“This amazing short film was directed by Antonio Mercero for Spanish television in 1972. It’s a wonderful example of efficient, lean horror story telling which squeezes in plenty of thrills and shocks in its 40 minute running time.

Essentially a European riff on a Twilight Zone style format, the film begins with a team of workmen installing a new public phone box. Later a man drops his boy off at the nearby bus stop and then pauses to make a call…
But the phone doesn’t work and when he tries to exit he finds himself trapped. The filmmaker makes a lot out of the claustrophobic setting in these opening scenes, the box is glass on all four sides leaving our victim exposed and embarrassed as a crowd gathers to witness the odd spectacle. Small children taunt him, offering him peanuts and calling him a monkey. Several people offer to help including the police, the local strongman and a handyman with a bag of tools… Continue reading