Lisandro Alonso – Jauja (2014)


The vision of Lisandro Alonso, the blinding photography of Kaurismäki’s regular cameraman and the use of actor/musician Viggo Mortensen combined to ensure a magic result. A Danish military engineer sets off in 19th-century Patagonia looking for his missing daughter. A mysterious masterpiece. Nominated for The Big Screen Award
The Argentinian Lisandro Alonso, with the poet Fabian Casas, wrote a story about ‘Jauja’, an earthly paradise sought in vain for centuries because everyone who looked for it got lost on the way. In this case, it’s about the Danish captain/fortune hunter Dinessen (Danish-born, reluctant Hollywood star Viggo Mortensen) who, at the end of the 19th century, joined the Argentine infantry with his 14-year-old daughter Inge. When she runs off with a young soldier, Dinessen endlessly roams the pampas of Patagonia on the trail of a very thin dog. Continue reading

Lita Stantic – Un muro de silencio AKA A Wall of Silence (1993)


A Wall of Silence (1993 ) , the debut of the famous film producer Lita Stantic , is an episode of collective biography of the generation of 68 in Argentina who lived optimism of the sixties and seventies brutal repression and now remakes his life in a democracy based on oblivion. Unlike many Argentine films that address the issue of missing persons, ‘A Wall’ leans more towards the historical and political approach, which also adopted in this article , analyzing the references to optimism of El Cordobazo and around Peron dictatorship and the development of democracy since 1983. We consider the contributions of filmmakers Lita Stantic and Maria Luisa Bemberg – members for a decade – to the Argentinian film and end with a question about the importance of the recovery of the memory in the current Argentina society. Continue reading

Juan Taratuto – Papeles en el viento AKA Papers in the Wind (2015)


When Alejandro “Mono” dies, his brother and two closest friends, a tight-knit group since childhood, are left to figure out how to take care of his young daughter, Guadalupe. They want to give her all the love they felt for Mono and secure her future, but there isn’t a single peso left in the bank. Mono invested all of his money in a promising soccer player whose promise hasn’t panned out, and the three hundred thousand dollars Mono spent on his transfer is soon to be lost for good. How do you sell a forward who can’t score a goal? How do you maintain relationships when repeated failures create fissures in lifelong loyalties? Fernando, Mauricio, and “Ruso” pool the few resources in their arsenal to come up with strategies in their desperate attempt to recoup Mono’s investment for Guadalupe. Papers in the Wind is a tribute to friendship and proof that love and humor can triumph over sadness. Continue reading

Matías Piñeiro – Todos mienten AKA They All Lie (2009)


A group of girls and boys in their twenties settle in a country house that seems completely isolated from civilization. One of them writes a novel while the others try to become a gang and prepare a robbery; some fall in love, or seem to be, or believe (or say) they are in love. But these two, three, ten plot lines unfold from what the characters hide or just don’t know, connecting the writing of the novel and the forming of the gang, and the past of two of the characters with that of the house, and of those who perhaps were the two most bitter enemies of nineteenth century Argentine history… With a sense of humor and play that is both the character’s and the film’s, Todos mienten superimposes plot lines as if it were a tapestry from which a part is constantly hidden, revealing it later and changing its meaning, by means of a complot of specialists in pretense that asks the audience to become an accomplice. Brilliant, vital, with an extraordinary depuration and economy of film resources that makes systematic long takes not seem like a prison, but the result of a necessity, Todos mienten is the joy of cinema in its purest form. –BAFICI Continue reading

Matias Piñeiro – El hombre robado aka The stolen man (2007)


This is the first movie of Argentinian director Matias Piñeiro who won lot of festivals and was reviewed in Cahier du cinema.


In the sentimental fantasy that love is mixed with, work with reading, writing and reading with writing the love and all together and separate from and at times all the time, in its way, with Theft: Fraud, theft, fraud and plagiarism.
The book in the Army Campaign Grande Domingo Faustino Sarmiento is the armor key to this story which is organized around Mercedes Montt, argentina young guide who works at the Museo de Arte Español Enrique Larreta, but it occupies his spare time in the passionate reading of the text sarmientino applied to a liberal sentimental life and work of those around her: her partner, Leandro Lopéz Jordan, his girlfriend, Leticia Lamadrid, the boyfriend of her friend, Andres Rademil and suspected friend of the groom friend, Clara Virasoro. Continue reading