Sandra Gugliotta – Un día de suerte AKA A Lucky Day (2002)

Buenos Aires in the year 2002; the economical depression has caught the country. Elsa keeps her head above water through several badly paid jobs and occasional criminal offenses with her friends Walter, Laura and Toni. She’s saving money for a ticket to Rome to get out of her life and visit an Italian with whom she had a one night stand several months ago. Read More »

    Carlos Hugo Christensen – Dieciséis años AKA Sixteen (1943)

    An early CHC melodrama produced by Lumiton in 1943. Based on the British play Sixteen by Aimée & Philip Stuart.

    A naive teenager faces a distressing reality when her widowed mother finds love anew 12 years after her first marriage ended. Read More »

      Melisa Liebenthal – Aqui y Alla AKA Here and There (2020)

      Here and There is an essay film that studies what being at home means. The filmmaker uses photographs, maps and Google Earth to connect places around the globe; not just from her own past, but also from the complex migratory history of her family that stretches back to Hitler-era Germany and Mao’s China. Reality and the virtual prove equally confusing: however much you zoom in, you never get closer to home. Read More »

        Armando Bo – El trueno entre las hojas AKA Thunder Among the Leaves (1956)

        A true Argentine cult classic. The first movie starring Isabel “La Coca” Sarli, featuring the first full frontal nude of Argentine cinema. Armando Bo and Isabel Sarli would later have a long lasting relationship and collaborate in almost 30 movies along 25 years.

        El trueno entre las hojas is based on a Augusto Roa Bastos’ tale. At a sawmill where labourers are inhumanly exploited, the arrival of the landlord’s young and beautiful wife makes years of rising tensions finally unleash a worker’s revolt. Read More »

          Leopoldo Torre Nilsson – La caída (1959)

          Letterboxd wrote:
          A university student comes to stay with a bedridden woman and her four children. Helping out around the house, she soon grows fond of the mother and children. An attorney falls for the student, but the couple experiences problems when she declines to leave what he refers to as “that lunatic asylum.” Read More »

            María Luisa Bemberg – Camila (1984)

            In Buenos Aires of the 1840’s, a young Jesuit and a wealthy socialite fall in love and begin a torrid affair. They escape from the city, and, in disguise, set up house in a village, assuming they are safe and beyond the cares of anyone. However, both the church and Camila’s family are enraged, vowing to hunt down the lovers for a capital crime. Based on a true story. Read More »

              Alex Piperno – Lloren la locura perdida de estos campos (2019)

              A girl dies in a provincial summer house and is buried by her family. By night a wild dog unearths the corpse and takes it to the woods. Under the shade of the trees, the girl wakes up and decides to return home accompanied by the dog. Read More »