Zelimir Zilnik – Dupe od mramora AKA Marble Ass (1995)

Zilnik made Marble Ass in the same year as his Tito film, i.e., in the middle of the war period under the regime of ex-Stalinist Slobodan Milosevic The main figure, Merlin, is a transvestite prostitute, aging and slowly losing his/her charms, but still trying to carry on trade as usual under the most abnormal of conditions. Before the war, Merlin was the most exotic figure in Belgrade. Now everyday life is so crazy that he is the only one who seems normal. Merlin’s companion is fellow prostitute Salena, a strapping woman armed with a knife and skilled in kick-boxing. Eager to advance in her trade she wants to learn English so she can win new customers from amongst the occupying NATO troops. Read More »

Jean-Claude Rousseau – Une Vie Risquée (2018)

Short film commissioned by the Cinemathèque Suisse to celebrate Jean-Marie Straub’s 85th birthday. Directed by Jean-Claude Rousseau.

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Kazuo Kuroki – Matsuri no junbi AKA Preparation for the Festival (1975)

Tateo is a young man living in a small rural village. He is a credit bank clerk, but his work is tedious. He tends to be interested in sex, but he does not quite fit in with the sexually loose milieu. The only thing he is really interested in is cinema. He dreams of becoming a screenwriter and writes some fragmentary scripts. But he cannot find any good subjects around him. Pretty much everything there is boring to him. One day, Tamami, his neighbour’s daughter, comes back from Osaka, where she worked in a cabaret. And things start slightly changing. Read More »

Vladimir Kobrin – Future Continuous (1994)

The film is based on the thesis of astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev on the materiality of time. The film creates an aesthetic model of the interaction between the present, the past and the future.

Film draws a bleak picture of the mankind’s future, in which slender rows of depersonalized bodies march in the landings of the Tower of Babel under command of Imperial eagle. Read More »

Vladimir Kobrin – Homo Paradoksum AKA Homo Paradoxum (1989)

In 1974, the Soviet government sent encrypted messages to the aliens…
Philosophical essay about paradoxicality of humanity as a species, and the ambition of humans to see aliens with their own eyes.
Kobrin sent his own message to alien archeologists in a form of this film. Read More »

Nobuhiko Ôbayashi – Kono sora no hana: Nagaoka hanabi monogatari AKA Casting Blossoms to the Sky (2012)

Reiko is a journalist who travels to Nagaoka to report on the victims of the Tohoku earthquake. She will also run into her ex-boyfriend Kenichi, who hopes to convince her to star in a play based on the bombing the city underwent during the Second World War. Through his magnificent and unmistakable signature, Ôbayashi reflects on Japan’s historical wounds. Read More »

Mariano Llinás – La flor (2018)

First part of the three that make up “La flor”. It consists of a prologue (the presentation of the film by the director) and two episodes. In the first, a mummy releases a curse in an excavation in a province in the interior of Argentina. In the second, a couple of pop singers meet to play after many years, while a woman injects scorpion venom for mysterious purposes. Read More »