Bigas Luna

Bigas Luna – Lola (1986)


This suspense thriller about a bad relationship concerns Lola (Angela Molina), who is working hard for a living but becomes caught up in a sado-masochistic affair with the vicious Mario (Feodor Atkine). Finally breaking away from her own neurosis and a punishing lifestyle, Lola meets and marries Robert (Patrick Bauchau) and starts a new life with him in Barcelona. They have a young daughter but after a few years, Mario suddenly bursts into their lives claiming that the daughter is really his. Nothing but trouble lies ahead. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi Read More »

Bigas Luna – Angustia AKA Anguish (1987) (HD)


A film within a film. Two teenage girls watching a horror film about a killer controlled by his mother are disturbed by the excessive violence. As they, and the rest of the audience, leave the theater, characters, etc. from the film they were watching confront them. Read More »

Bigas Luna – La Teta y la luna aka The Tit and the Moon (1994)

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Plot Synopsis [AMG] This Spanish/French film presents a loving ode to a woman’s breasts and the three men who love them. The fairy tale is told from the viewpoint of 9-year old Tete, who jealous of his new brother’s access to his mother’s breasts, implores the moon to give him a nurturing breast of his own. French cabaret performers Estrellita, the Queen of Stuttgart, and her jealous husband Maurice, come to town with their surprisingly vulgar act. When Tete sees Estrellita, he knows his wish has been granted. Trailer-park electrician Miquel is also very attracted to Estrellita’s charming chest and begins serenade her. Tete gets to sample her charms after he brings her a frog. Read More »