Bong Joon Ho

Bong Joon Ho – Gisaengchung AKA Parasite (2019) (HD)

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

There’s an elegance that graces every frame of Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite (aka Gisaengchung). From the stunning home of Mr. Park (Sun-kyun) to the slums where the Kim family resides, every shot is deliberate and masterfully constructed, resulting in a movie that is a visual wonder. Everything else about the film is just as expertly done, the story and the acting all top-notch. Joon-ho’s film blends a multitude of genres, collecting them all under the umbrella of “dark comedy”, which this film certainly encapsulates. Undeniably funny and sometimes shockingly emotional, Joon-ho’s film is about class disparity and the lengths people will go through in order to survive. Read More »