David Cronenberg – From the Drain (1967)

In the not-too-distant future, two fully clothed men sit in a bathtub at a home for war veterans. After a few minutes of not saying anything to each other, one of them breaks the silence by saying “do you come here often?” The first man introduces himself as a secret agent, while the second man introduces himself as an expert on chemical and biological warfare. They discuss changes to humand and plant biology caused by chemical warfare in some un-named recent war. The agent takes notes as suddenly a mutated vine of a plant emerges from the drain and strangles the The film is centered on two men in a bathtub; it is implied that they are veterans of some past conflict but revealed that they are currently in a mental institution. Read More »

Bonnie Sherr Klein – Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography (1981)

A documentary about pornography: why it exists, the forms it takes, and how it affects the relations between men and women. It is an examination of the pornography industry: strip shows, sex shows, film and magazines. The film explores how a large portion denigrates women, including depictions of sexual violence for titillation. Includes interviews with men and women who earn their living in the porn trade. Read More »

David Cronenberg – Camera (2000)

Filmed in 2000 for the Toronto Film Festival’s 25th anniversary, Camera stars Videodrome’s Les Carlson (he played the Jim Bakker-inspired Barry Convex) in a six-minute monologue about cinema as a group of children invade his home with a large 35mm camera and prepare to film him. Shot in digital video until a final, wonderful change to real film, Camera provides and excellent showcase for Carlson and manages to be both creepy and moving at the same time. Cronenberg’s composer Howard Shore supplies a brief, poignant music passage at the end. Read More »

Antoine Bourges – Fail to Appear (2017)

Isolde, a social worker in a poor district in Toronto, is on her first case assignment; the administrative procedures she follows have us feel the burden of an action that is nonetheless professionally codified – that of helping someone. Her “client” is still behind bars and at first, he only appears in their correspondence and the phone calls she makes on his behalf. Behind its legal meaning, the title underlines this absence: Eric Edwards is averse to appearing in court and seems equally impervious to Isolde’s solicitude. Read More »

Denis Héroux – The Uncanny (1977)

Wilbur Gray (Cushing) visits Frank Richards (Milland) so he can get his book published. This book Gray has written are about cats. Cats watching everyone and controlling everything. He mentions the stories in the book are all true, and gives three examples. The first involves the murder of a cat-loving old woman (Greenwood) who gives her entire fortune in her will to her cats. Not everyone is happy about the wills, but would have to get past the cats to get the the will. The second story is a tale of black magic between two girls and the third story is a tale of murderous revenge…by a cat. -imdb- Read More »

Sarah Polley – Take This Waltz (2011)

Polley’s Take This Waltz is a follow-up to her critically successful film Away from Her. The movie is about a love-triangle concerning a woman who realizes that she may be addicted to the honeymoon phase of her relationships. The problem? She’s been married for five years. She meets a man named Seth on a business trip and finds out that Seth lives in the same neighborhood. Fancy that! A little flirting leads to a little something else, and suddenly, you’ve got yourself a full-blown life crisis on your hands Read More »

Kazik Radwanski – Tower (2012)

Derek is 34 and lives in his parents’ basement. Single, self-interested and gauche, he divides his time between casual work for his uncle, cringe inducing encounters with women and an animation project. Read More »