Claude Faraldo – Themroc (1973)

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Plot summary:

From Channel 4 Film:
Factory worker Piccoli gets into trouble when he’s caught watching his boss shag a secretary. It’s the final straw. Oppressed by the system, hounded by his mother (Herviale) and bored witless by his menial job, Piccoli cracks. He goes home, takes a sledgehammer to his possessions, turns his room into a cave and starts grunting like a horny Neanderthal before making a move on his sister, Romand.

The news crews love it, the police don’t – especially when Piccoli racks up a police officer on a spit and barbecues him for supper. Soon the neighbours are copying his lead and Paris begins to resemble an X-certificate version of The Land That Time Forgot. Faraldo’s statements on society’s treatment of the disenfranchised, its sheep mentality and blinkered media worship may be blunt, but his anarchic film (which contains almost no discernible dialogue) is the indescribably weird and hilarious product of an acrid imagination. Continue reading Claude Faraldo – Themroc (1973)