Arthur J. Beckhard & Joseph Lee – Girl on the Run (1953)

 Arthur J. Beckhard & Joseph Lee   Girl on the Run (1953)

thgc Arthur J. Beckhard & Joseph Lee   Girl on the Run (1953)

“A hootchy-kootchy whodunit set at a small seedy carnival where a reporter tries to discover who killed his boss while his girlfriend inexplicably joins the burlesque show! Pure carny-noir. And see if you can spot a young Steve McQueen as one of the carnival’s customers.” – from the dvd packaging

Richard Coogan, our hero, was TVs “Captain Video.” “Little person” Charles Bolender was later a regular on the Jackie Gleason Show and performed on Broadway as well. Director Arthur J. Beckhard wrote Shirley Temple’s classic vehicle, Curly Top eighteen years before this film was made.
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Rouben Mamoulian – City Streets (1931)

 Rouben Mamoulian   City Streets (1931)

thgc Rouben Mamoulian   City Streets (1931)

Nan, a racketeer’s daughter, is in love with The Kid, a shooting gallery showman. Despite Nan’s prodding, The Kid has no ambitions about joining the rackets and making enough money to support Nan in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to. Her attitude changes after her father implicates her in a murder and she’s sent to prison. During her incarceration, her father convinces The Kid to join the gang in order to help free Nan. When Nan is released, she wants nothing more to do with the mob and tries to get The Kid to quit, but she may be too late.
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Claude Chabrol – Les Liens de sang AKA Blood relatives (1977)

11978laberintomortalesp Claude Chabrol – Les Liens de sang AKA Blood relatives (1977)

thgc Claude Chabrol – Les Liens de sang AKA Blood relatives (1977)

from AMG

Making a rare visit to Canada, Claude Chabrol cowrote and directed the low-pressure psychological melodrama Blood Relatives (Les Liens de sang). Donald Sutherland and Donald Pleasence head the cast in this story of the aftermath of a brutal murder. The victim, a 17-year-old girl, was apparently raped before she died, leading Carella (Sutherland) to believe that she was killed by a sex maniac. Pedophile Doniac (Pleasence) tops the suspect list, but don’t be too sure. The truth is much “closer to home” than anyone realizes at first. Lisa Langlois, who made something of a career of Canadian scare flicks, makes her screen debut in Blood Relatives; also appearing, is Chabrol’s wife Stephane Audran. Blood Relatives was based on a novel by Ed McBain (aka Evan Hunter), of 87th Precinct fame; the film was released in the US in 1981, three years after its completion.
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Leos Carax – Mauvais sang AKA Bad Blood (1986)

Mauvais%2Bsang Leos Carax – Mauvais sang AKA Bad Blood (1986)

thgc Leos Carax – Mauvais sang AKA Bad Blood (1986)

“This critically acclaimed French drama blends film noir and science fiction elements in a story about a strange and deadly plague. A sexually transmitted disease called STBO is sweeping the country; it’s spread by having sex without emotional involvement, and most of its victims are teenagers who make love out of curiosity rather than commitment. While a serum that can treat the disease has been formulated, it’s been locked away in an inaccessible government building, and most of those suffering can’t get at it. A woman known as “The American” (Carroll Brooks) has hired Marc (Michel Piccoli), who is deep in debt and desperate for cash, to steal the drug; Marc enlists the aid of Alex (Denis Lavant), the teenage son of one of his close friends, to help pull off the robbery. Alex is in love with Lise (Julie Delpy), a girl his age that he’s been involved with, but he finds himself attracted to Anna (Juliette Binoche), Marc’s younger lover who is determined to stand by her man. Mauvais Sang received the Alfred Bauer Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival and the International Fantasy Film Award at the Fantasporto Film Festiva”. — Mark Deming (AMG) Continue reading

Louis Malle – Le Voleur AKA The Thief of Paris (1967)

vf3e Louis Malle   Le Voleur AKA The Thief of Paris (1967)

thgc Louis Malle   Le Voleur AKA The Thief of Paris (1967)

IMDB : In Paris around 1900, Georges Randal is brought up by his wealthy uncle, who squanders his inheritance. Georges hopes to marry his cousin Charlotte, but his uncle arranges for her to marry a rich neighbour. As an act of revenge, Georges steals the fiance’s family jewels, and enjoys the experience so much that he embarks upon a life-time of burglary…
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Cornel Wilde – Storm Fear (1955)

 Cornel Wilde   Storm Fear (1955)

thgc Cornel Wilde   Storm Fear (1955)

Much of this gripping crime drama takes place in a remote New England farm house owned by the brother of a bank robber. The crook is mortally wounded during his last heist and suddenly shows up seeking shelter. The brother reluctantly harbors the fugitive and his henchmen. Time passes and the henchmen are anxious to move on; unfortunately, their leader is healing. He is also still in love with his brother’s wife with whom he had an affair. More trouble ensues when it is revealed that the woman’s son was fathered by the crook, not her husband. Meanwhile, a farmhand manages to escape. He tries to alert the cops and this causes the criminals to flee. To help them through the woods the robber takes the boy to guide him. The boy is devastated when his heretofore decentuncle shoots his father. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide Continue reading

pixel Cornel Wilde   Storm Fear (1955)