Lars von Trier – Dogville (2003) (HD)

The underlying vision of the production has the audacity we expect from Von Trier, a daring and inventive filmmaker. He sets his story in a Rocky Mountains town during the Great Depression, but doesn’t provide a real town (or a real mountain). The first shot looks straight down on the floor of a large sound stage, where the houses of the residents are marked out with chalk outlines, and there are only a few props — some doors, desks, chairs, beds. We will never leave this set, and never see beyond it; on all sides in the background there is only
blankness. Read More »

Lasse Braun – Sensuality (1971)

A short story about an encounter at a hotel restaurant. Read More »

Lasse Braun – The Call Girl (1971)

A call girl meets two gentlemen in a hotel room. Read More »

Lasse Braun – Delphia the Greek (1970)

A short story on Delpha the Greek.

Some information from Lasse Braun: The Official Website:
In February 1977, while LB was shooting some movies in London, his archive cellar was flooded, but since no one knew about that secret locations and the use of it, LB discovered the disaster when it was too late. […] Water and mud had flooded into the archive areas from an adjacent cellar belonging to other people through a breach in the dividing brick wall. Read More »

Lasse Braun – Provocation (1972)

Nadine is a young lady who tells her boyfriend about her sexual experience at an elegant dinner with five guests. He relates his fornication with a blonde lady. These revelations provoke in them a higher level of orgasm.

Some information from Lasse Braun: The Official Website: Read More »

Jonathan Gelvan – De lystsyge (2019)

LIV (23) lives at a correctional institution for women, where sexuality is considered dangerous. The facility is run by the head nurse JETTE (45), whose utmost task is to teach women proper edicette. Liv dreams of being free and keeps breaking the rules, resulting in her being sent to the HEADMASTER’s (43) office. Here Liv sees an opportunity to challenge the fundamental beliefs of the institution, but how far should she go in order to prove herself? Read More »

Lars von Trier – Epidemic (1987)

Epidemic (1987)

Epidemic arose from a challenge between Lars von Trier and Claes Kastholm of the Danish Film Institute, Trier betting – in order to get funding for another film – that he could make a film for less than one million Danish Kroner (about £100,000). The result is an intriguing film, but not a very good one, showing at least what Trier could do under self-imposed limitations, paving the way for The Kingdom and showing roots that would lead to the Dogme Manifesto. Read More »