Jayce Salloum & Elia Suleiman – Introduction to the End of an Argument (1990)

This highly kinetic tableaux of uprooted sights and sounds works most earnestly to expose the racial biases concealed in familiar images. Relying on valuable snippets from feature films such as “Exodus”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Black Sunday”, “Little Drummer Girl”, and network news shows, the filmmakers have constructed an oddly wry narrative, mimicking the history of Mid East politics. Read More »

Eloy Enciso – Arraianos (2012)

A village on the border between Galicia and Portugal, hidden deep in the woods, a world out of time. Documentary moments of everyday life stand alongside dramatized scenes acted by the villagers working in the fields, sitting in the pub, singing traditional songs in the local dialect and telling old tales. Scenes of their own lives are interwoven with quotes from the play „O bosque” (The Woods) by the Galician writer Marinhas del Valle, a parable about the Franco dictatorship. When a fire breaks out in the woods, there are growing signs of an impending apocalypse. Arraianos is a film about remembering and the disappearance of a way of life. Read More »

João Pedro Rodrigues – Viagem à Expo AKA Journey to the Expo (1998)

Due to the EXPO 98 promotion campaign the Portuguese capital city appeared quite often in the French media. During their Summer holidays the following year, João Pedro Rodrigues once again films this emigrant family in France during their journey through Lisbon’s old districts, its outskirts, and their visit to Expo or Luz Stadium. Read More »

Abbas Kiarostami – ABC Africa (2001)

Abbas Kiarostami and his assistant, Seifollah Samadian, travel to Kampala, Uganda at the request of the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development. For ten days, their camera captures and caresses the faces of a thousand children – all orphans – whose parents have died of AIDS. Recording tears and laughter, music and silence, life and death, the film attests to Africa’s sunny resilience in the face of so much suffering and disease. Read More »

Liryc Paolo Dela Cruz – Notes from Unknown Maladies (2018)

94-year-old Concepcion has been suffering from nervous breakdown for the past 50 years. She chooses to live alone and is haunted by random memories of the past: a memory of a nation and other life’s mysteries. Now, she faces a new period in her life as she slowly loses the capacity to remember. Read More »

Pierre Perrault – C’était un Québecois en Bretagne, Madame (1977)

Hauris Lalancette, from Abitibi, travel and draws parallels between two amazing parts of the country that are considered poor and neglected. It is also about the search for ancestors and nostalgia of the old crafts that were better, both on the human side and technical side. Read More »

Pierre Perrault – Le pays de la terre sans arbre ou Le mouchouânipi AKA The Land without Trees (1980)

It is a documentary joining 3 periods of filming in the Mouchouanipi, which is a faraway land in the North of eastern Canada. Anthropologists, archeologists and native people all together in this «land without trees». They are hunting the caribous, using the old ways of the native people. This expedition leads to sharing experiences, points of view and expectations about the survival of the Natives way of life. Read More »