Ming-liang Tsai – Na ri xia wu AKA Afternoon (2015)

Filmmaker Ming-liang Tsai sits with Lee Kang-sheng in a house as they have a discussion.

This conversation between Taiwanese auteur Tsai Ming-liang and his muse Lee Kang-sheng illuminates one of the great actor-director collaborations in cinema history. Read More »

Lars Von Trier & Jørgen Leth – De Fem benspænd AKA The Five Obstructions (2003)

The Five Obstructions”, a 100 min. theatre documentary directed by Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth. An investigative journey into the phenomenon of “documentary”, based on manifestos written by each director. About a filmmaker not only revisiting, but also recreating (not in a conventional sense) one of his first films, The Perfect Human / Det perfekte menneske (1967), a document on life in Denmark, containing the familiar Leth idiosyncrasies Read More »

Stavros Tornes – Coatti (1977)

Stavros and Charlotte – i.e. the director and his partner in life and art, Charlotte van Gelder – are wandering the streets of a burdensome reality like immigrants, tracing the world around them through friendships, journeys and political quests. Made with minimal means with a few rolls of black and white film they managed to scrape together, this is a thoroughly unconventional film that defies traditional narrative structures, spectacularly revealing the director’s true vision: a primordial cinema full of imagery that comes out of nowhere and communicates freely, like a small wonder. A large slice of the international film critic community – including Frenchman Louis Skorecki who described the film as a comet – will adore “Coatti” and continue to support Tornes’ lonely path until the end. Read More »

David Attenborough – Life on Earth (1979)

David Attenborough’s groundbreaking study of the evolution of life on our planet. As is usual with Attenborough’s work, the camera work is outstanding and employed techniques which were ground-breaking in their day. This series was filmed in locales all across the world. Read More »

John Antonelli – Kerouac, the Movie AKA Jack Kerouac: King of the Beats (1985)

Jack Kerouac was a Beat Generation writer who took the nation by storm upon the publication of his novel On the Road. Kerouac’s legacy and influence are explained via interviews with Kerouac’s friends and contemporaries such as William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Huncke, and Edie Parker. Narrator Peter Coyote reads sections of Kerouac’s (mostly autobiographical) books as an actor recreates scenes from Kerouac’s life. Read More »

Varsanyi Ferenc – Volt egyszer egy regenyhos, akit P. Howardnak hivtak AKA There was once a character named P Howard (2010)

A Duna Televízió közreműködésével készült el Varsányi Ferenc rendező filmje, amely a népszerű ponyvaíró, Rejtő Jenő életének legendáriuma. A film műfaja, amely az író születésének 115. évfordulójára készült animációs dokumentarista legendárium.

A documentary about the pulp fiction writer P. Howard (Rejto Jeno, wikipedia link: link ), made on the occasion of his 115th anniversary. Read More »

Bohdan Kosinski – Jak wiele dróg (1979)

It is 1969. Wiesiek has long hair, pants with patches, colored shirt and necklace beads. It is important for him to demonstrate rebellion.
10 years later. Wiesiek lives in the Bieszczady Mountains and gathers around them people who, like him, are looking for their place on earth. They work together, eat together and build a house together. Creating a community with others has now become the most important for life in Wieśka. Now it is his way. Read More »