Jeffrey Schwarz – I Am Divine (2013)

 Jeffrey Schwarz   I Am Divine (2013)

thgc Jeffrey Schwarz   I Am Divine (2013)

How Divine, aka Harris Glenn Milstead, became John Waters’ cinematic muse and an international drag icon.

:Young, chubby Harris Glenn Milstead liked musicals, was drawn to feminine pursuits, and was bullied. He was privately playing “dress-up games” in his mother’s clothes. By 1963, Glenn was brave enough to show up at a party with his then girlfriend dressed as an astonishingly passable Elizabeth Taylor, among the many glamorous stars he openly idolized.

After meeting a crowd of gay hipsters and freaks. Glenn started camping it up, shoplifting, writing bad checks, and smoking grass. Glenn also met the man who was about to change his life – John Waters. Like Glenn, Waters was obsessed with movies and they bonded over the films of Russ Meyer and Jayne Mansfield. They began to forge a new character, one which mocked the conventional “pretty” drag queens that aspired to look as real as possible. With Waters’ encouragement, this character started to emerge. She was outrageous, outlandish and obviously overweight. Glenn’s wicked, rebellious side matched the sensibilities of Waters, and John christened his new star “Divine” and they started making films together.
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Ferdinand Khittl – Auf geht’s AKA Off we go! (1955)

dpd7 Ferdinand Khittl   Auf gehts AKA Off we go! (1955)

thgc Ferdinand Khittl   Auf gehts AKA Off we go! (1955)

Auf geht’s – West Germany 1955, 11 min.
Directed by: Ferdinand Khittl
Written by: Just Scheu
Cinematography by: Gerd von Bonin
Edited by: Hans Dieter Schiller
Produced by: Olympia-Film, München

One of the 3 short films that came as an extra on Edition Filmmuseum 47: Die Parallelstrasse AKA The Parallel Street (Ferdinand Khittl, 1962).

Documentary short on the Octoberfest in Munich.
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Pat Collins – Silence (2012)

 Pat Collins   Silence (2012)

thgc Pat Collins   Silence (2012)

Eoghan is a sound recordist who is returning to Ireland for the first time in 15 years. His reason for returning is a job offer: to find and record places free from man-made sound. His quest takes him away from towns and villages into remote terrain. Throughout his journey, he is drawn into a series of encounters and conversations which gradually divert his attention towards a more intangible silence, one that is bound up with the sounds of the life he had left behind. Influenced by elements of folklore and archive, Silence unfolds with a quiet intensity, where poetic images reveal an absorbing meditation on themes relating to sound and silence, history, memory and exile. (IMDB)
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Kultur Films – Artists of the 20th Century – Salvador Dali (2004)

8WS5stM Kultur Films – Artists of the 20th Century – Salvador Dali (2004)

Artists of the 20th Century – Salvador Dali movie was released Apr 13, 2004 by the Kultur Films Inc. studio. An enlightening view of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Artists of the 20th Century – Salvador Dali video These definitive biographies are accompanied by a visual analysis of the artist’s major work.

ARTISTS OF THE 20TH CENTURY is a series that presents a look at the major artists of the century Artists of the 20th Century – Salvador Dali film. This program examines the life of Salvador Dali and the social, artistic and political circumstances that led to the unique style he created Artists of the 20th Century – Salvador Dali review. Continue reading

Dana Plays – Nuclear Family (2001)

nuclearfamily2001danapl Dana Plays   Nuclear Family (2001)

thgc Dana Plays   Nuclear Family (2001)

NUCLEAR FAMILY explores institutional and personal representations of memory and behavior through a complex interweaving of scientific documentation, animal behavior experiments and vintage pre-school footage. The approach is formalistic and optically printed material is used throughout. The drama of the nuclear family is played by a series of non-human subjects ranging from mannequins used in 1950s nuclear blast experiments to doves playing ping-pong. The notion of family is experienced as iconic, nostalgic and a recollected remnant of the nuclear age.
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Jean-Marc Lamoure – Tarr Béla: I Used to Be a Filmmaker (2013)

 Jean Marc Lamoure   Tarr Béla: I Used to Be a Filmmaker (2013)

thgc Jean Marc Lamoure   Tarr Béla: I Used to Be a Filmmaker (2013)


An illuminating – and extremely rare – documentary profile of one of the greatest filmmakers of our time, Béla Tarr. Filmed during the production of his final masterpiece, The Turin Horse, this film features clips, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with longtime collaborators.

From December 2008 until June 2010, Béla Tarr gathered his “cinema family” near Budapest for his last film: The Turin Horse. This shooting family, which has been collaborating with Tarr for years or even decades, includes Tarr’s wife/co-director/editor Agnes Hranitzky, cinematographer Fred Kelemen (himself a director of some renown), scriptwriter Laszlo Krasznahorkai, musician Mihaly Víg, composer Akosh Szelevenyi, and lead actors Janos Derzsi and Erika Bok. Continue reading

pixel Jean Marc Lamoure   Tarr Béla: I Used to Be a Filmmaker (2013)