Nancy D. Kates – Regarding Susan Sontag (2014)


NY Times website:

“Regarding Susan Sontag,” a documentary Monday night on HBO, will fill you in on a lot of the details of its subject’s life: her precocity, her travels, her illnesses, her lovers. (Particularly her lovers.)

What it won’t give you is any strong sense of her work. The famous essays and collections of criticism and analysis — “Notes on Camp,” “Against Interpretation,” “On Photography,” “Illness as Metaphor” — are used as mile markers, along with the less famous novels and films. But rather than tackle Ms. Sontag’s ideas or their value head-on, the director, Nancy Kates, continually deflects the discussion along other lines: Ms. Sontag as closeted bisexual, serial heartbreaker, liberal provocateur, narcissist, celebrity, camera subject, Jew, cancer survivor. Continue reading


Jason Barker – Marx Reloaded (2011)


“Marx Reloaded”

a film by Jason Barker

Produced by Medea Film – Irene Höfer in coproduction with Films Noirs for ZDF

TV premiere: 11 April 2011, 11.20 pm, arte

“Marx Reloaded” is a cultural documentary that examines the relevance of German socialist and philosopher Karl Marx’s ideas for understanding the global economic and financial crisis of 2008—09. The crisis triggered the deepest global recession in 70 years and prompted the US government to spend more than 1 trillion dollars in order to rescue its banking system from collapse. Today the full implications of the crisis in Europe and around the world still remain unclear. Nevertheless, should we accept the crisis as an unfortunate side-effect of the free market? Or is there another explanation as to why it happened and its likely effects on our society, our economy and our whole way of life? Continue reading

Sergei Loznitsa – Maidan (2014)


MAIDAN chronicles the civil uprising against the regime of president Yanukovych that took place in Kiev (Ukraine) in the winter of 2013/14.
The film follows the progress of the revolution: from peaceful rallies, half a million strong, in the Maidan square, to the bloody street battles between protestors and riot police. MAIDAN is a portrait of an awakening nation, rediscovering its identity. Continue reading

Robert J. Flaherty & Richard Lyford & Curt Oertel – The Titan: Story of Michelangelo (1950)


The life and works of the great artist Michelangelo Buonarroti are shown against the historical background of his time. It begins with his earliest artworks, and follows his life and career as he achieves lasting fame. The documentary includes detailed looks at some of the artist’s most renowned creations. Continue reading

Simon Kerslake – World’s Biggest Penis (2006)


By Jane Simon
CHANNEL 4’s Knob Season, which has been running all this week, meets the man who lays claims to an incredible 13 inches. But before you get excited, ladies, you should see the bloke it’s attached to.

Shifty-eyed American Jonah Falcon (right), became a minor celebrity when he was younger but now, at 35, he lives with his mother and resorts to walking the streets of Manhattan in tight silver trousers to get a bit of attention. Continue reading

Margot Benacerraf – Araya (1959)


The restoration of Margot Benacerraf’s brilliant 1959 tone poem ARAYA, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the film’s first showing at the Cannes Film Festival, will change the face of Latin American film history. Although it shared the Cannes International Critics Prize with Alain Resnais’s Hiroshima, Mon Amour, ARAYA was never picked up for widespread distribution. Rarely shown, this masterpiece was largely forgotten by the film world. Milestone’s North American theatrical premiere and worldwide release in 2009 will give audiences the chance to rediscover Benacerraf — a powerful and distinctive voice in the history of cinema. Continue reading

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