Joe Swanberg – Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007)


Hannah, a recent college graduate, spends a brutally hot Chicago summer falling in and out of love. As she struggles to find personal and professional fulfillment through various relationships with friends and co-workers, she risks leaving destruction in her wake. Working collaboratively with his cast, which features several prominent independent filmmakers, Joe Swanberg follows up his previous efforts, KISSING ON THE MOUTH and LOL, with this delicate look at friendship, ambition, and the pursuit of happiness. Read More »

Joe Swanberg – LOL (2006)

Film Threat: When director Joe Swanberg hit the scene with “Kissing on the Mouth,” I was impressed. The film did exactly what it set out to do: take a microscope to inner-personal relationships and show an up close view, warts and all. As much as I liked the film, there’s still a feeling that it’s a cinematic experiment with a loose narrative that soars at times and stumbles through at others. Yet it was undeniably brave and intriguing. With his second feature “LOL,” Swanberg has settled into a solid narrative while still using his “Dogme” type style to look closely at how people relate to one another…or why they can’t. Read More »

Nenad Djuric – Nebo Iznad Krajolika aka Skies Above The Landscape (2006)

Winner – Special Jury Award, 10th Sofia International Film Festival
Official Selection Haifa 22nd International Film Festival
Official Selection 2006 St. Louis International Film Festival

Bosnian director Nenad Djuric’s postwar Bosnian comedy – a breezy, rib-tickling story about the clash of cultures – is a charmingly innocent love story set in a country that no longer wishes to dwell on recent atrocities. Read More »

Dominik Graf – Der Felsen AKA A Map Of The Heart (2002)


Things could hardly turn out worse for Katrin. In Corsica, her boss and lover of many years tells her that his wife is pregnant. In one abrupt instant, all hopes for a life together are dashed. Her plans for her future unraveled, her heart broken, Katrin breaks up with him. But all her attempts to start a new life simply toss her deeper into a maelstrom of aimlessness and pain.

She then happens to meet Malte, an adventure-hungry young man who lives on the edge and strictly for the moment. He overwhelms her with the honesty and clarity of his feelings – and suddenly, from one minute to the next, her life becomes a dangerous tightrope walk. Read More »

Woo-Seong Lim – Chaesikjuuija AKA Vegetarian (2009)



A young housewife, finds herself having strange dreams that make her disgusted by meat, leading to trouble with her meat-loving husband and attention from her artist brother in law. Read More »

Frank Tuttle – Men Are Like That (1930)

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Previously filmed in 1926 the George Kelly stage comedy The Show-Off was remade in
1930 as Men Are Like That. Broadway star Hal Skelly steps into the role of chronic braggart
Aubrey Piper, incapable of either telling the truth or shutting up. Insinuating himself into the
home of his wife Amy’s (Doris Hill) family, Aubrey does his best to impress his in-laws with
tall tales about his business acumen and his grandiose financial transactions. Even after
he’s been exposed as a fraud and saved from ruin and disgrace by Amy, Aubrey continues
to run off at the mouth — and even throws in a few songs and dances for good measure.
Despite a witty script by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Men Are Like That is sabotaged by the
calculatedly obnoxious Hal Skelly, who never did develop into a satisfying screen
personality. The property was refilmed under its original title The Show Off by Spencer
Tracy in 1934, and by Red Skelton in 1948. Read More »

Krzysztof Zanussi – Skarby ukryte z cyklu ‘Opowiesci weekendowe’ AKA Weekend Stories: The Hidden Treasure (2001)

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Synopsis (possible spoilers):

‘Rose, an older woman living in Paris was born in Poland as a daughter of an aristocratic family. Her family house is now an impoverished home for the old people. Rose visited her property many times since the Berlin Wall collapsed and this time she arranged a meeting with an old palace employee, who earned big money having run a greenhouse business. Nevertheless, it remains a secret where the money to start this business came from. Not having a chance to speak to the employee, Rose meets his granddaughter – Jola – and enjoying her company, invites her to visit Paris. As Jola arrives in Paris, she gets acquainted with a young Arabian with whom she falls in love. Rose is very much by her side. Soon Rose leaves for Poland once again. This time her purpose is to find a chest full of treasures buried by herself deep in the forest soon before the war was over, when she was afraid of property confiscation soon to come. Apparently it turns out, the chest is empty and Jola’s grandfathers seem to be the most suspected men. But are these accusations justifiable?’
– IMDb Read More »