Ebrahim Golestan

Ebrahim Golestan – Asrar ganj dareheye jenni AKA The ghost valley’s treasure mysteries (1974)

The Ghost Valley’s Treasure Mysteries (in Persian: اسرار گنج دره جنی, transliterated as Asrar-e Ganj-e Darre-ye Jenni), also known as “The Secrets of the Treasure of the Jinn Valley”, is a 1974 satirical comedy Iranian film, directed by Ebrahim Golestan. It was released by Golestan Films, and was Golestan’s last feature film in Iran. Using symbolic language, the director was accused of having the Shah’s support.

Very bad quality, but apparently the only way to see this movie by Ebrahim Golestan. Read More »

Ebrahim Golestan – Ganjine-haye gohar AKA The crown jewels of Iran (1965)


“The Iranian Crown Jewels (1965, 15 min.), commissioned and then banned by the shah’s cultural ministry, is a formally dazzling and politically provocative brief on its subject.” Jonathan Rosenbaum Read More »

Ebrahim Golestan – Khesht va Ayeneh AKA Brick and Mirror (1965)

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From Gene Siskel Film Center:
One of Reader critic Jonathan Rosenbaum’s “Top 1000” from his book Essential Cinema, THE BRICK AND THE MIRROR is as fabled for being unseen in a public screening in over 35 years as for its significant thematic and technical breakthroughs. Moody realism conveys a stark poetry in this tale of a cab driver stuck with an abandoned baby in his back seat. Moral quandaries and social fears vie with eroticism when the driver and a lonely woman spend the night with the baby as the phantom facsimile of a family. The film’s finale, set in an orphanage, is a stunning, haunting piece of social realism that was to send ripples of influence through the next four decades of Iranian cinema Read More »