Ebrahim Golestan – Khesht va Ayeneh AKA Brick and Mirror (1965)

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From Gene Siskel Film Center:
One of Reader critic Jonathan Rosenbaum’s “Top 1000” from his book Essential Cinema, THE BRICK AND THE MIRROR is as fabled for being unseen in a public screening in over 35 years as for its significant thematic and technical breakthroughs. Moody realism conveys a stark poetry in this tale of a cab driver stuck with an abandoned baby in his back seat. Moral quandaries and social fears vie with eroticism when the driver and a lonely woman spend the night with the baby as the phantom facsimile of a family. The film’s finale, set in an orphanage, is a stunning, haunting piece of social realism that was to send ripples of influence through the next four decades of Iranian cinema Continue reading