Ela Thier

Ela Thier – Foreign Letters (2012)


Foreign Letters is a beautifully stamped love letter to friendship and to the everlasting essence of relationships between human beings. We all long to connect. We long for affection, for love, for meaning, for understanding, and for someone we can be there for and who can be there for us.

The story is simple but profound because of how relatable it is on an entirely universal level. The basic establishment of the plot is that an immigrant girl who has moved with her family from Israel finds herself adjusting to a new life in America and while adjusting to the new school, education system, and general lifestyle she meets a Vietnamese girl who is growing up also amidst the surrounding culture climate of the times. The pair quickly becomes close friends, hanging out regularly, and getting to know each other. They hang out all the time and are as undeniably close as imaginable. The friendship is extremely meaningful for both of them. Read More »