Erden Kiral

Erden Kiral – Ayna AKA Der Spiegel AKA The Mirror (1984)

Der Spiegel reflects the sad existence of a village couple, Necmetting and Zelihan, whose lives are regulated by nature and the all-powerful feudal lord. When the lord’s good-looking brother tries to seduce beautiful Zelihan, her husband has no choice but take up arms to restore his lost honor. Read More »

Erden Kiral – Hakkâri’de bir mevsim AKA Eine Saison in Hakkari (1983)


The movie tells the story of a teacher who spends one winter in a mountain village of Hakkari, a city in the farest South-eastern vorner of the Turkey. Erden Kıral depicts his struggle for teaching Turkish to children who can only speak Kurdish and the loneliness of Zazi in a poetic way and also using the landscape as a further character. The screenplat is based on the novel by Ferit Edgü and adapted by Onat Kutlar with contributions from Tezer Özlü, another famous Turkish writer. The film was awarded with Silver Berlin Bear at 1983. Read More »