Toshiya Fujita – Daiamondo wa kizutsukanai AKA The Unspoiled Diamond (1982)


Toshiya Fujita (藤田 敏八 Fujita Toshiya, January 16, 1932 – August 30, 1997), also known as Shigeya Fujita (藤田繁矢 Fujita Shigeya), was a Japanese film director, film actor, and screenwriter. He is well-regarded in Japan for his youth films but is best known abroad for Lady Snowblood and Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance, films ironically not typical of his usual style Continue reading

Jean Rollin – La comtesse Ixe AKA The Countess X (1976)


Rollin creates a scenery in an aristocratic atmosphere where a group of friends come together to have a party. However in the woods surrounding the castle a kleptomaniac is hiding and waiting to take advance of the partygoers. She introduces herself as countess Ixe a lady that nobody knows but with a legendary life. Legendary because she often dances naked in front of her guests. The thief however wants to go a bit further and poisons the champagne with an aphrodisiac so that in no time all partygoers are deeply involved in a big orgy. Meanwhile the real countess Ixe arrives on the scene… A masked burglar (Rachel Mhas) roams the house in search of papers. She finds the papers, but is discovered and flees into the woods. Later the burglar gatecrashes a cocktail party at the house, drugs the drinks, and turns it into an orgy so that she can steal from the guests. But she is spotted in the act of spiking the drinks by one of the guests, who keeps his mouth shut until later.
The Countess X” is one of the finest classics from the golden age of French porn. Beautifully shot on 35mm film, it and features some of the best actors and actresses from the period. This release of ”Countess X” was restored from the original negatives in HD-quality, making this the best possible version of the film. Continue reading

Curt McDowell – Thundercrack! (1975)


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A true underground satire, 11 October 1999
Author: Dave Godin (Dave G) from Sheffield, England

THUNDERCRACK! is, in a strange way, a scurrilous precursor of DEAD MEN DON’T WEAR PLAID, and with wicked wit and precision, subverts not only the entire `grammar’ of film, but an endless succession of Hollywood images, situations and clichés in the process. It even manages to satirise pornography; no mean feat when such images still retain their power to shock and unsettle some people! Using the familiar “lonely-house on a storm-swept night acting as a safe haven for lost and confused travellers” scenario, (some chance!!), it explores the manners and mores of `normal’ society with such wicked wit that only the most puritanical would not be capable of responding. Thankfully made in black-and-white, the entire cast and, it appears, crew, throw themselves into the venture without inhibition or qualm, and the result is Hollywood turned on it’s head, and all those previously `hidden’ and subliminal subplots exposed for what they really are. For broad-minded adults, a most amusing and entertaining tonic, showing perhaps, that even sex should not be taken TOO seriously. Continue reading

Koji Wakamatsu – Otoko goroshi onna goroshi: hadaka no zyudan (1969)


Description: Welcome in the underworld, on your left there’s some gangsters, on your right be careful there’s shootings, murders, betrayals… Enjoy the jazzy mood !

Three killers stole money and drugs from a gangsters meeting. They left with a hostage and a lot of dead bodies behind. Well, that’s not a big deal for them, they stay relax, and don’t rush to sell the drugs. After the massacre, they just go back to their flat and spend a good time. Except one of them, who decides otherwise. He’s tired of staying there doing nothing, and so leave with the hostage. Does he want to start his life again or he’s just too ambitious ? Continue reading

Jessica Nilsson – All About Anna (2005)


All About Anna is a Danish film released in 2005, directed by Jessica Nilsson and starring Gry Bay and Mark Stevens. The film is explicit in its exploration of sexual relationships. It avoids being classified as pornography, however, through avoidance of closeup views of genital/genital contact.
It is a co-production between Innocent Pictures and Lars von Trier’s Zentropa Productions, and is the third of Zentropa’s sex films for women, following Constance (1998) and Pink Prison (1999). All three films were based on the Puzzy Power Manifesto developed by Zentropa in 1997. Continue reading