Andrey Benkendorf – Neskolko lyubovnykh istoriy AKA Several love stories (1994) (DVD)


Description: Erotic comedy based on the works of Giovanni Boccaccio, Francesco Grazzini Lasca, Agnolo Firenzuola, which humorously describes the amorous adventures of Italians of the Renaissance. Young beautiful wife cleverly fooled his old foolish men, finding ingenious ways to meet lovers …

Rare and funny good erotic film. Continue reading

Masao Adachi & Kôji Wakamatsu – Seiyûgi AKA Sex Game (1969)


The film begins in a lengthy free-love session taking the form of a ‘play“ rape being enacted by a group of aimless, listless and political apathetic students. As they loaf around, reading manga and smoking cigarettes the next morning, before they turfed out onto the streets by the girl whose apartment it is, they banter about how the act of rape might add some more spice to their lives; the difference between ‘doing it’ for real and merely acting out their fantasies with their complicit girlfriends. The subtext intended by Adachi informs the rest of the film – that there is a world of difference between direct action politics, and merely talking the talk. The four bored loafers then drive to the university building (in fact Adachi’s very own Nihon University) only to find it taken over by student activists, its walls daubed with graffiti, and its doors and windows boarded over. They bundle a girl handing out flyers in the back of their car, drag her off to an abandoned lecture theater strewn with propaganda leaflets and, making their words reality, rape her. Later, when one of the assailants, Kenji, becomes stricken with remorse, he follows the girl named Taeko (played by Butoh dancer Natsu Nakajima) back to her home where she lives with her brother, part of a gang of student revolutionaries who spend their time making firebombs. Here, not entirely convincing, she falls in love with her rapist. (Jasper Sharp – Behind the Pink Curtain) Continue reading

Maris Martinsons – Tyli naktis AKA Christmas. Uncensored (2012)


Christmas. Uncensored is a 2012 drama film written and directed by Maris Martinsons.

In one of the post-soviet countries, where sexual taboos are still ruling the society and strong traditions of Catholicism and homophobia are alive, family members and couple of friends come together to celebrate Christmas Eve.

“Best Cristmas Ever” this line is in the movie.
It’s Cristmas eve, and Tom (Leonardas Pobedonoscevas) with his wife with Ana (Valda Bickute)is going to Tom’s parents for the night. They leave their children’s with they uncle. And supposing to be nice warm evening turn into total disaster.
Movie is funny ,intense sometimes, its about human relationships and how complicated it can get.
All in all i like dramas, and this one is not an exception. Maris Martinsons got his own style for dramas, there is another good his movie Amaya (2010). – by Giedrius G, imdb Continue reading

Hans-Christof Stenzel – Obszön – Der Fall Peter Herzl (1981)


Peter Herzl, social worker and Left sympathizer from Wuppertal is, assaulted and robbed on the way back from Yugoslavia to Germany. Due to some misunderstandings the police examined him as a suspected terrorist. In Vienna, he finds shelter with the prostitute Kathi. Kathi has an incestuous relationship with her adolescent daughter. Fascinated she watched her mother and Peter during lovemaking. Soon they would also participate in the game. Meanwhile the search for Peter is at full speed. And Kathi`s pimp sees an opportunity to get easy money by betrayal… Continue reading

Joanna Coates – Hide and Seek (2014)


In an isolated English cottage, four young people from London move in together, seeking to challenge social conventions and their own tolerances by engaging in scheduled partner-swapping.
As their inhibitions and past traumas fade, they achieve a unique kind of collective happiness but the durability of their new living arrangement is tested by the arrival of an outsider who fails to get in tune with the foursome’s radical spirit.
An inventive and engaging film that uses an elegant, delicate style to gently probe both the protagonists’ ideals and our own convictions about love and sex.
A genuinely radical take on current woes and wishes, Hide And Seek takes the glooms of today and transforms them into a beguiling and provocative modern fable…. Continue reading

Curt McDowell – Thundercrack! (1975)


If you’re at all familiar with underground cinema, than you’ve probably heard tales about this flick for years. But actually seeing the damned thing is a different matter entirely. Crass, sick and hilarious, this no-budget b&w feature is filled with the essence of pure, undiluted cinematic derangement. Like the earliest works of John Waters, it revels in taboo-shattering shocks and an undying love for Hollywood kitsch. Glorious overwritten by George Kuchar, and directed by the late Curt McDowell (who was one of Kuchar’s first students), it’s a torrent of comically-lit cliches, heated to the point of lurid parody. The time: A dark and stormy night. The setting: An old, secluded mansion–the home of the terrifically obscene Mrs. Gert Hammond (Marion Eaton), who staggers about the place with heavy, mismatched eyebrows and a vomit-caked wig. Continue reading

Irm Sommer & Ed Sommer – Hedonistic Communication (1970)

HEDONISTIC COMMUNICATION / IRM ED SOMMER / KONTAKTE / ICH DU UND ICH is the title of this super obscure experimental short film including also explicit sex.
Very raw and primitive, it features a great soundtrack made of amazing psychedelic abstract electronic music (the song is “I Of IV” by electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros), which is probably what makes this short some kind of mesmerizing experience.
We can only suppose the short is german, since the only information besides the title is the name of the “actors” involved, and they sound german (F. Scherz, Gabi Kaa, Hartmut Kaa).
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