Roy Stuart – Glimpse 2 (1990 – 2008)

American photographer Roy Stuart has carved out a most interesting niche for himself in Paris, creating elaborate erotic scenes for his two excellent books for the German publisher Taschen and the American magazine Leg Show.
In addition, Stuart captures these photoshoots on videotape for a series he calls New Glimpse. At $120 each these tapes are not cheap. But weighing in at 2.5 hours each, they are something special, marathon-length demonstrations that Stuart is a true master of the masturbatory male vignette. He has the talent and vision to take all the familiar elements and make them original and arousing. Continue reading


Various – Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories 1 (2004)

The first in a four part series of erotic short stories made under the guidance and inspiration of the ‘King of Erotica’ – Tinto Brass.
Directed in the Tinto Brass style by some of the most talented new Italian directors working today.

Director: Stefano Soli. Starring Loredana Cannata, Rolando Ravello, Massimiliano Franciosa
A difficult relationship between a brusque man and a fragile women, who falls in love with her brother-in-law and cheats on her husband. As well as producing these short films, Tinto Brass characteristically appears in a cameo role. Continue reading

Various – Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories 3 (2004)

Directed by: Nello PEPE Starring: Francesca Nunzi & Marco Di Stefano

A sperm donor has some trouble providing a specimen, whilst the eager lady thinks up elaborate ways to get him going. Francesca Nunzi has a sperm donor over to leave a sample but he has difficulty getting aroused. They try music, phone sex, and even a strip tease, but nothing is working. They finally find a simpler way to get the sperm where it needs to be. Continue reading

Joseph W. Sarno – Vild på sex AKA Girl Meets Girl (1974)

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“…It is just this sexual enthusiasm that encouraged Sarno to write the second installment, GIRL MEETS GIRL (originally titled BIBI), around Forsa’s on- and off-camera sexual escapades. Seems she spent a lot of her off hours jumping in and out of the sack with virtually every cast and crew member, and this left a pretty significant impression on the plot of the second film – in which Forsa’s character Bibi has wild sex with nearly everyone she meets. Seriously, by midway through the film, there is barely any time given for exposition before fresh young Bibi is ripping off her little summer dress and going down on someone. Continue reading

Francis Giacobetti – Emmanuelle 2 (1975)


The second installment in the Emmanuelle series. Excellent imagery, beautiful women, really sensual sex scenes, but don’t expect great acting or any elaborate plot. I reckon it’s a nice softcore film, kind of typical sample of the genre of the 70’s, with a somewhat “artsy” feel in its imagery. The folk dance scene in Bali is also very nicely shot (presumably the monkey dance). Continue reading

Júlio Bressane – Filme de Amor (2003)


Two Girls and a Guy meets An Affair of Love in this erotic melodrama from the venerable Brazilian auteur Julio Bressane. The aptly-titled A Love Movie focuses on three philandering characters in Rio de Janerio who gather to discuss and philosophize on the subject of love, occasionally putting their theories into practice over the course of various trysts. Shot in black-and-white and color, A Love Movie premiered in the Director’s Fortnight segment of the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.~ Michael Hastings Continue reading