Roy Stuart – Roy Stuart: V (2008)

In his new book, the fifth to date, Roy Stuart hones this exploration into something more forthright, close to film. The photos “tell” short stories, like short films, and the models become actors, their movements caught in freeze frame studies, between portrait and narrative. Sex is more explicit, while retaining some of the mystery characteristic of erotic images. A DVD, which comes with the book, contains several scenes from which the photos are taken, with extracts from the “Glimpse” DVD series and Stuart’s full length feature film, The Lost Door. The overall impression produced by this work is that Stuart has introduced eroticism into pornography, or vice versa. He clouds issues, confuses codes, disorientates and takes risks, all the while behaving as an artist who is exploring a new middle road – fusional, original and hard to follow, but promising. Somewhere between simplistic X-rated films and pure eroticism, between trivial reality and abortive dreams, he seeks and finds a third way, the royal way. Read More »

Hervé Lewis – Les plus belles inconnues de Paris AKA The Most Beautiful Women In Paris (2005)


Hervé Lewis is not only a mentor to many stars (Johnny Hallyday, Jean Reno, Emmanuelle Béart, and more), but also a professional photographer. After the success of many renowned advertising campaigns for Aubade Lingerie, Hervé Lewis’ first film, in which he rediscovers the lighting of his black and white photographs, is dedicated to the beauty of women. His pure and poetic images convey an uncommon sensuality, power and intensity. Through Hervé Lewis’ lens, every woman becomes a star. Read More »

Marylin Monroe – Marylin Monroe pornography (1948)

Many famous stars began their career in pornography, Marilyn Monroe being one of the greatest examples, who when financially stable declared she no longer had to gratify the sexual demands of studio executives.

A pornographic short film of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe recently surfaced in Spain. This grainy black-and-white footage was made in 1947 when Monroe was 21. The American Film Institute, though has denied reports from Spain that it had authenticated the 50-year-old pornographic film purportedly showing Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe engaging in a sexual act.

As early as 1944 Marilyn Monroe was in Los Angeles modeling and acting and in 1949 posed nude for Tom Kelley in a series of photographs that would later galvanize her image as a sex symbol and fuel her rise to fame. The late 1940’s was a difficult time for Monroe, having lost her 20th Century Fox contract in 1946 she allegedly returned to less reputable means of making money to support herself. Read More »

Radley Metzger – The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann (1975)


Widely considered to be one of the greatest erotic films ever made, “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann” is the first hard core film made by legendary director Radley Metzger, under the alias “Henry Paris”.

Made in the golden era of ‘porno chic’ and released in 1974, it was instantly acclaimed as a breakthrough achievement – its witty screenplay, stunning cinematography, and expert direction showing for the first time that an adult film really could approach the level of a mainstream Hollywood film. Set in 1970s Manhattan, the plot follows a private detective (Eric Edwards) employed by Mr. Mann (Alan Marlow) to investigate the sexual infidelities of his wife, Pamela (Barbara Bourbon). Supporting roles are played by the cream of New York adult film stars including Jamie Gillis, Georgina Spelvin, Marc Stevens, Sonny Landham and Darby Lloyd Raines. Read More »

Carter Stevens – Teenage Twins (1976)


There are a lot of reasons why you might want to watch this classic late-70’s movie. For instance, you can see four-decade stud Eric Edwards in his prime. Or how about Tia von Davis (the pilot’s wife in The Opening of Misty Beethoven) as the mother who prepares a real dinner on the stove for her movie family during the opening credits? Or you can agonize through the stilted dialogue delivery and the cheesy stage set–both seemingly ripped from Boogie Nights. You can even tell just by listening to the familiar porn beat and flute/electric guitar instrumentals that you’ve taken a trip back to the days of disco. Read More »

Joe D’Amato – Emanuelle – perché violenza alle donne? AKA The Degradation of Emanuelle (1977)


Laura Gemser stars as Emanuelle in one of Joe D’Amato’s better ‘Black Emanuelle’ films, EMANUELLE: PERCHE’ VIOLENZA ALLE DONNE? aka THE DEGRADATION OF EMANUELLE. Released around the world cut to pieces this DVD is Uncut and Widescreen. Emanuelle travels the world once again on a crusading mission to report on the abuse and degradation of women at the hands of male-dominated organizations. At her first stop in India she meets up with George Eastman who plays a guru who has discovered the secret of prolonged sexual pleasure. While at the temple she also meets gorgeous Brigitte Petronio and it’s not too long before both are ‘enjoying’ each other’s company. Read More »

Vilgot Sjöman – Taboo (1977)


Imdb user :
Halvar Björks acting in this film must be one of the best ever performed in Swedish film. The film is still very interesting to see. People who can´t appreciate films about persons who are not as superficial and conventional as themselves will of course have some troubles with this film. Read More »