Anatoly Petrov – Rozhdenie Erota AKA The birth of Eros (1989)

Animation by Anatoly Petrov, The first of 4 Greek mythological stories with an erotic character about Aphrodite and Eros he made between 1989 and 1996.
The style is quite experimental on the first two, as he strived for a 3 dimensional effect using just handcrafted cel-animation means.

For animating it means he drew 2 layers for each animation sequence, which doubles the amount of animation drawings.and he drew them all by himself, showing his extraordinary skills and speed as animator.
There are many switches in style in the animation, sometimes using sketch material,at other times fully worked out animation, and from black and white to colour, etc. It gives the animation a quit experimental character. A sort of deconstructed style
The nudity and erotique character of the 4 animations is unique for soviet animation. With every animation of the serie the erotism gets more explicit. The 4 are the only Russian erotic animation art known to me Read More »

Barbet Schroeder – Maîtresse [+Extras] (1975)


Drifter Olivier (Gérard Depardieu) lands in Paris and partners up on a friend’s home invasion. Ostensibly they’re breaking into the vacant flat of a vacationing old lady, but in reality it’s the kinky dungeon of a high-class dominatrix with a powerful client list. The bearish Depardieu falls for the lithe professional, blonde Ariane (Bulle Ogier) in a black bob wig and dressed in tight leather and latex, and soon moves into her handsome flat while she plies her trade downstairs. Barbet Schroeder’s kinky little slice of sexual decadence is initially titillating and erotic, but soon turns grotesque. Ariane’s clients desire her domination but only as contracted: They control their abuse. The romance becomes a warped mirror of her career, Ariane allowing Olivier the appearance of control as he slides behind the driver’s seat of her car, but setting the parameters of his dominance. Easygoing Olivier soon begins to simmer with frustration and jealousy, unable to comprehend her twisted world of sexual deviance, and attempts to “save” her from her lifestyle. Schroeder pushes the portrayal of S&M and bondage to the limits with graphic scenes of pain, torment, and mutilation, presented with a bland detachment that makes them all the more uncomfortable to watch. He brings that same dispassionate attitude to the romance, which results in an uninvolving yet undeniably fascinating story of a quirky affair. Read More »

Alain Robbe-Grillet – Glissements Progressifs Du Plaisir AKA Successive Slidings of Pleasure (1974)


Summary: A young woman is questioned by the police and the judges, suspected of being a modern witch. The girl who shared her apartment has been found dead, and a pair of scisors impaled through her heart, as she lay attached to the bedposts. Apparently, the girl does have powers, to make all people around her fall prey to her spell, glissing progressively into desire, lust, and the unknown. Read More »

Tinto Brass – Capriccio (1987)

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Jennifer and her husband Fred seek out their old lovers for another fling in this erotic drama. Fred hooks up with the prostitute Rosalba, while Jennifer returns to the arms of the handsome pimp Ciro. The unfaithful couple return to each other after the affairs prove to be less satisfying then the memory of their initial experiences. Read More »

Michel Reilhac – Polissons et galipettes aka The Good Old Naughty Days (2002)

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This astonishing, scintillating collection from the silent era, most of which are from the 1920s, are genuine, legitimate and by today’s hardcore standards, amazingly charming, pornographic short films that leave nothing to the imagination. From predictable fantasy scenarios – monk spies on, then joins naughty nuns; teacher must spank naughty schoolgirls – to more esoteric fare (homosexuality and animal ecstasy, to name just two), vintage porn has never been more accessible…or attainable. The shorts in The Good Old Naughty Days were primarily designed to be shown in the waiting rooms of brothels, amusing patrons – and no doubt giving them some ideas – as they awaited their girl. They also reveal production standards far in advance of comparable films being made elsewhere at the time, as well as an inventive and often humorous array of diverse couplings. These films were usually created in a haphazard fashion in an afternoon with friends and local prostitutes lending a hand for a few cents. All of them requested to remain anonymous, which makes it impossible to identify who really acted or directed them. For this reason, it is rather delightful to watch these “actors” often having to readjust their wigs and fake moustaches in the middle of their scenes so as not to be recognized unmasked. It is nevertheless touching to see how fresh and naïve these films look in comparison with today’s X-rated film productions. Considering the age of these films, it is miraculous that they have been rediscovered and restored. These films are a part of our heritage and certainly a part of the secret history of cinema. In their own amusing way, these images involve us in a very direct, physical and intimate relationship with the good old days. These films have been restored by the Archives of the Centre National de la Cinématographie in France. Read More »

Jean-Claude Brisseau – À l’aventure (2009)


A sexually unfulfilled young woman embarks on a series of graphic erotic encounters and becomes involved with a student of psychoanalysis who offers to put her under hypnosis. Yes, the notorious Jean-Claude Brisseau, director of The Exterminating Angels and Secret Things, is back with his latest provocation. Another idiosyncratic philosophical meditation on the enigmas of female sexuality, it features the director’s latest discovery, Carole Brana. Pretentious smut for high-brows, a dirty old man’s fantasies writ large, or a profound and daring exploration of society’s sexual taboos? You decide. Read More »

Péter Lichter – Light Sleep (Félálom) (2010)


A boy’s sleep disturbed by the weaking, and the sound of reality. Found-footage montage with the chemical reactions of the celluloid on rare erotic s8 reels.

23. Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers – free forms section (2011)
MADATAC Video Art Festival, Madrid; 2011
8. International Super8 festival – Szeged: Best hungarian film; Audience award; 2009
41. Hungarian Film week: Award of the most promising young talent; 2010
The Canton Palace Theatre First Annual International Film Festival – Ohio ; 2010
Kalgart underground evening, Istambul; 2010
An evening with Cinema 16,- The Kitchen, New York (2011)
San Francisco – MisALT series – 2011 Read More »