Guy Maddin – The Little White Cloud that Cried (2009)

The Little White Cloud that Cried is an explicit tribute to legendary underground queer filmmaker Jack Smith (link). The film centers around an epic transsexual orgy, and it is very graphic.

It was commissioned for the Jack Smith festival “Five Flaming Days in a Rented World ” in Berlin. Read More »

Wes Craven, Andrzej Kostenko & Karl Martine – The Evolution of Snuff (1978)


Clarke Fountain, wrote:
Rather than being just another exploitation documentary, designed to re-use footage from unprofitable porn films, this feature explores the social circumstances which gave rise to the legend of the “snuff” film, and the conditions present (in 1976) in the porn film industry in general. Sex performers and all the others involved in making such films are interviewed about their work and why they do it. The filmmaker, himself well-known for making “soft”-porn films, was so incensed by the snuff-film trend that he made this exposé of the hard-core pornography industry. The Evolution of Snuff includes a forward by Roman Polanski, who was experiencing legal difficulties in the U.S. at the time. Read More »

Barry Mahon – P.P.S. – Prostitutes Protective Society (1966)


Streetwalkers tired of being harassed by thugs stand up for their rights in this drama from sexploitation titan Barry Mahon. Madame Sue is the leader of a group of prostitutes working in New York City in 1964. Business is good, and thanks to the influx of tourists coming to the Big Apple for conventions and the World’s Fair, there are plenty of customers while cops are too busy to harass working girls. But while the upswing in business doesn’t attract the law, it does attract the attention of Carney Bill, a small-time gangster who wants in on the prostitution racket. Carney Bill demands that Madame Sue and her girls pay his mob a ten-percent protection fee, and his gunmen kill a few of Sue’s hookers to show he means business. Fearful but not about to be pushed around, the working girls form a vigilante group to protect themselves and get revenge for their fallen comrades, with Bill meeting an especially grim fate. — Mark Deming (AMG) Read More »

Jesus Franco – La Chica de las bragas transparentes AKA Pick-Up Girls (1981)


“A classic of Franco Filth, 9 March 2001
Author: sirarthurstreebgreebling II from Streeb Greebling Acres

Jess Franco does it again with this classic tale of abduction, preversion, rape and murder. The two strippers are taken out of prison and promised freedom if they investigate the dissapearence of an international swimmer. Their previous experience in espionage will give them the edge they need in this case. Soon they learn that the swimmers abduction is just the tip of the iceberg and that this mission is not as straight forward as it seemed. With some outrageous dialogue that i cant repeat here and a plot that will leave you reeling this is Franco at his best. Filthy, Unrepentant and Entertaining. Read More »

Torgny Wickman – Anita – Swedish Nymphet (Anita – ur en tonårsflickas dagbok) (1973)


Anita: Swedish Nymphet is a 1973 Swedish-French erotic drama film directed by Torgny Wickman, starring Christina Lindberg and Stellan Skarsgård. Anita (Christina Lindberg) is a 16-year old nymphet who has a hard time with relationships. One day she meets Erik (Stellan Skarsgård). Read More »

Piero Schivazappa – Femina ridens AKA The Frightened Woman (1969)


With a style that is reminiscent of erotica guru, Radley Metzger, it is hard to believe that he did not direct The Frightened Woman. However, one can see why Metzger chose to release the film under his company Audubon Films. Imagine sets that are similar to Camille 2000, a sensual score by Stelvio Cipriani, and the perversity (though not nearly as extreme) of the Marquis de Sade combined in one film. Read More »

Abel Ferrara – Nine Lives of a Wet Pussy (1976)


Nine closely related episodes featuring the erotic escapades of a young New York heiress and the people associated with her.

Wealthy heiress Pauline (Pauline LaMonde) is bored with the “cold detachment” her Husband shows during sex and spends her time in various sexual encounters with other men, and women.

Pauline writes about her experiences to a woman named Gypsy, mysterious opium smoking, Tarot Card dealing ex lover of Pauline’s (who talks directly to the viewer about Pauline and their times together).
As Gypsy reads the letters we see Pauline’s encounters and learn about her history…..

Ferrara seems to have pretty much disowned this movie, his first feature length production, and tends to say that his first real film was “The Driller Killer”. And this is actually a shame as there is nothing wrong at all with his foray into hardcore pornography and in fact the film has many aspects that fans of his work will recognise and appreciate. Read More »