Peeter Urbla – Balti armastuslood (1992)

IA5nNVw Peeter Urbla   Balti armastuslood (1992)

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Three episodes from three Baltic nations, all about lost love. In Estonia a political prisoner is set free. Meanwhile his best friend had stolen his girl and now defends his political cowardice: “Some of us must be left outside the prisons to pursue the political fight.” – In Latvia a Russian soldier has a Latvian girlfriend. Her Latvian friends accept her boyfriend. But his two closest soldier friends beat him up, tear the clothes of his girl and threaten to rape her. The loving couple understands that they cannot continue their relationship. – In Lithuania a priest student and an Estonian stripper fall in deep love. The student’s uncle is an enlightened priest who says: “I bless you whatever road you choose to go.” The couple sleep together and agree to meet at the railway station the next morning and go to Estonia. But when the student comes home his uncle has died… (written by Max Scharnberg) Continue reading

Ilmar Raag – Klass AKA The Class (2007)

klassmfafilm Ilmar Raag   Klass AKA The Class (2007)

thgc Ilmar Raag   Klass AKA The Class (2007)

Plot summary:
Introvert Joosep is the butt of crude jokes from his classmates who are irritated by his taciturn nature. The only support he has comes from Kaspar, whom he sits next to in class.

This isn’t a sociological probe into the theme of adolescent bullying which might turn violently against the perpetrators, but more a universal reflection on the darker sides of the human soul, often hidden beneath an attractive exterior, ready to provoke an unexpected reaction under excess pressure. The acting performances of the leads, in particular, give the story – a linear progression where silly pranks develop into a tragic outcome – a highly credible dimension. Continue reading

Kaaren Kaer – Malev aka Men at Arms (2005)

 Kaaren Kaer   Malev aka Men at Arms (2005)

thgc Kaaren Kaer   Malev aka Men at Arms (2005)

“Estonian history gets a topsy-turvy interpretation in this satiric comedy from director Kaaren Kaer. Uru (Ott Sepp) is an adventurous young man who has been getting in touch with his compassionate side while studying at a monastery. When he comes back home to Estonia, he finds things are not as he might have hoped; both France and Germany are trying to lay claim to his homeland, and the nation is preparing itself for a long battle to win its independence. Despite his non-violent philosophy, Uru is drawn into the war to free his people, though it soon becomes evident neither strategy or combat skills are his strong suit. Malev (aka Men At Arms) was written by members of O-Fraktsioon, a noted Estonian sketch-comedy troupe. ”
by Mark Deming Continue reading

Kaspar Jancis, Ülo Pikkov & Priit Tender – Frank and Wendy (2005)

wscoverfrank Kaspar Jancis, Ülo Pikkov & Priit Tender   Frank and Wendy (2005)

thgc Kaspar Jancis, Ülo Pikkov & Priit Tender   Frank and Wendy (2005)

Two American secret agents – Frank and Wendy – are sent to the world’s hotbed of danger, known as Estonia. Estonia is a silly place, perhaps even sillier than the agents themselves. Frank and Wendy, for whom saving the world is their daily work, achieve both mental and manual feats with the greatest of ease. It appears that nothing can prevent their ultimate victory, but go figure. The axis of evil does not wither and attacks the super-agents from where they can least expect it… Continue reading

pixel Kaspar Jancis, Ülo Pikkov & Priit Tender   Frank and Wendy (2005)