Lars von Trier – Orchidégartneren AKA The Orchid Gardener (1977)

orchidegartneren0002 Lars von Trier – Orchidégartneren AKA The Orchid Gardener (1977)

thgc Lars von Trier – Orchidégartneren AKA The Orchid Gardener (1977)

Lars von Trier submitted this film as part of his application to film school. Many of the aesthetic and thematic fetishes of his later feature length films (including the Dogme films and his more recent return to the ‘fantastic’ in Antichrist, Melancholia, and the forthcoming Nymph()maniac) are already evident here. The film, as its subtitle says, tells “part of the story of Victor Marse”, an artist (played by Lars himself). The only English language synopsis of this film that I’ve found is reproduced in this wiki and seems to be a poor translation of a summary written by a 12 year old. Consult it at your own peril! Continue reading

L. Krishnan – Raden mas (1960)

veqd L. Krishnan – Raden mas (1960)

Between the end of the Second World War and the early 1960s, the Cathay Organization and Shaw Brothers produced a string of films in Singapore, that were made for the Malay-speaking audience in what was then called Malaya. Both companies are today better know for their Cantonese Kung Fu flicks and other genre movies, that they started to produce when they moved to Hong Kong after Singapore separated from the Malay federation and became an independent, Chinese-dominated city state in 1963. This was the end of this “Golden Age of Malay cinema”, since it became difficult to distribute Singapore-made films in Malaysia due to political pressure. Continue reading

Nicholas Jacobs – The Refrigerator (1992)

waqx Nicholas Jacobs – The Refrigerator (1992)

logoimdbb Nicholas Jacobs – The Refrigerator (1992)

When Steven and Eileen moved to New York, they couldn’t believe their luck, a one bedroom apartment for only $200 a month! There had to be something wrong…there was.

The Refrigerator, an ordinary household appliance that turned one couple’s life into a smorgasbord of murder, mayhem, and mayonnaise. First it put the chill into their love life. Then it started killing off friends and neighbors with great relish.

Now with the help of the building super and a mysterious neighbor, this young couple must fight the forces that possess the refrigerator before it puts their marriage – and their lives – on the rocks.

Low-budget cult films like this keep me alive! The acting is awful and so is the directing, but The Refrigerator is just such a hillarious killing machine. It just moves and grabs someone. This film was so funny and just plain wonderful. Ranks up there with one of the surefire cult classics. If this isn’t a cult classic, I don’t know what is. Try to find this film on video. If you can ever find it, buy it because it’s rare and hard to find and A MUST HAVE for anyone serious interested in the horror genre. I found it for $2.00 in some mom and pop store in New Jersey, and I watch it every now and then. You’ll get more then one or two chuckles! ***1/2out of****With writing that’s so bad, it’s good! Continue reading

Sokrates Kapsaskis & Doris Wishman – O Zestos minas Avgoustos AKA The Hot Month of August (1966)

 Sokrates Kapsaskis & Doris Wishman   O Zestos minas Avgoustos AKA The Hot Month of August (1966)

thgc Sokrates Kapsaskis & Doris Wishman   O Zestos minas Avgoustos AKA The Hot Month of August (1966)


While vacationing in Greece with her second husband, Louis Silverman (although she wasn’t all that keen in taking his surname in marriage, director DORIS WISHMAN was more than happy to add her hubby’s handle to her ever-expanding list of pseudonyms), Wishman stumbled upon a small-time film company in desperate need of funds, ultimately returning home with the rights to The Hot Month of August and Passion Fever – purloining both productions for less than $4000. En route back to New York, Doris absentmindedly left her briefcase containing both August and Fever’s translated scripts on a train, forcing her to rewrite the narratives from scratch while overdubbing the original dialogue (a prevalent practice throughout her entire career). Continue reading

Bruce Kessler – Killers Three (1968)

 Bruce Kessler   Killers Three (1968)

logoimdbb Bruce Kessler   Killers Three (1968) wrote:
Three friends from a small North Carolina town face bleak economic futures in the years following World War II. Johnny (Robert Walker Jr) takes to running moonshine after his discharge from military service. He tries to think of a way for a better life for wife Carol (Diane Varsi) and their young son. Johnny and Carol hook up with Roger (Dick Clark), an ex-army demolitions expert. They plan to blow up the safe of a bootlegger, steal $200,000 and head off for a new life in sunny California. Their plans are thwarted when Roger uses too many explosives and the noise draws the attention of a Federal agent. Johnny kills the agent in this backwoods crime drama. Merle Haggard has a bit part and sings a few songs with the help of his band The Strangers. Clark was the producer who, with Michael Fisher, is responsible for the story. Plot Synopsis by Dan Pavlides Continue reading

Ronnie Cramer – Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (1992)

gtcf Ronnie Cramer   Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (1992)

logoimdbb Ronnie Cramer   Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (1992)

A lonely security guard can’t even get a decent blind date, so he begins peeping at women through their bedroom windows. Before long he’s paying call girls to come over and secretly videotaping every session.
Within two weeks he’s blown his life savings and been subjected to a lot of verbal and physical abuse. This bizarre black comedy is loaded with naked women!

Starring Andren Scott – with Monica McFarland, Karen Pombo, Becky Van Lewen and Sheila Traister. Directed by Ronnie Cramer, music by Alarming Trends.

“The Best Drive-in Movie of 1992…” Joe Bob Briggs Continue reading

pixel Ronnie Cramer   Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (1992)