Roy Stuart – Glimpse 3 (1990 – 2008)

‘Tenderness’, to the astonishment of High Court judges and some others, was D.H. Lawrence’s working title for what became ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’. Lawrence perceived a ‘taboo on tenderness’ in his time, and it’s apparent that the West has nowhere near cracked that taboo even today, eight patchily ‘liberated’ decades later. Enter Roy Stuart with Glimpse 3, the third in his richly packed series of probingly erotic videos. Whilst every sizeable episode in no’s 1 and 2 has, for the alert, its quotient or infusion of tenderness, only a minority of Stuart’s viewers/voyeurs may spot it amid the intense provocation – of mind as much as groin — of the so-much that can be found going on in them.nnThe first six minutes of Glimpse 3 give flashing hints of the kind of whirling whole we’ve already had to thank Roy Stuart for, albeit there happen to be no male-female conjunctions shown (fear not, we shall encounter them aplenty, since there’s some 140 minutes on this disc). But the accomplished Anna Bielska, who can look any age from 13 to 23, is there dancing, now clothed now naked, in parks and alleys of Rome. Then a sternly entrancing brunette, legs wide-spread on a gilt chair, holds knickers (whose?) aloft; soon she will be near-naked on the carpet, beginning a magical self-caressing journey. Continue reading

Pierre Léon – Phantom Power (2014)

It is not yet on IMDb.

Not much info about this movie on the web, but this is a good summary:

Created at irregular intervals, Pierre Léon’s small oeuvre oscillates between experimental home movie and theatrical mise-en-scène, found footage and documentary assemblages. PHANTOM POWER is a kind of sum of these rich and lavish efforts, a poetic series of cinematic fragments, an inventory of his cinematic output. What unfolds between russian folk songs and Ingrid Caven’s singing, between micro-dramas and found footage, is the poetic world of this wayward and still unknown artist, whose discovery and recognition is long overdue. ( Continue reading

Nikos Papatakis – Oi voskoi AKA The Shepherds of Calamity (1967)


The calamity that struck a young shepherd and the daughter of a landowner who were denied the possibility of getting married due to class distinctions. A vitriolic criticism of reactionary mores in Greece of Colonels’ dictatorship, combining cruelty, amour fou and lyricism.
Continue reading

Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub – Trop tôt/Trop tard AKA Too Early, Too Late (1982)


D’après La Question paysanne en France et en Allemagne et une lettre à karl Kautsky de Friedrich Engels et de La lutte des classes en Egyptes de 1945 à 1968 de Mahmoud Hussein.

Film en deux parties dont la première est consacrée à la France, la seconde à l’Egypte. Sur les images de la campagne bretonne est lu un texte de Hengels décrivant la misère des paysans en 1789. Pour l’Egypte, c’est un texte de l’historien Mahmoud Hussein sur la lutte des classes dans ce pays depuis Bonaparte jusqu’au règne de Sadate. Continue reading

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