Claude Lelouch – Partir, revenir AKA Going and Coming Back (1985)



Salomé Lerner just finished writing an autobiograpy. She goes to a TV show called “Apostrophes”, hosted by French TV showman Bernard Pivot. Pivot then imagines a film that could be created from her gripping story. A film entirely made of music because after seeing the young pianist Erik Berchot, Salomé believes seeing her long lost brother, who was a musician as well. A brother she had lost along with her parents in 1943. However, the Lerners did in fact escape the gestapo and might have based themselves in Paris… Continue reading

Sylvain George – Paris est une fête – Un film en 18 vagues (2017)


Un film poème en 18 vagues, comme autant de scènes pour décrire Paris et ses paysages urbains traversés par un “jeune mineur étranger isolé”, les attentats, les roses blanches, l’état d’urgence, le bleu-blanc-rouge, l’océan atlantique et ses traversées, les volcans, la beat-box, la révolte, la colère, la violence d’Etat, un chant révolutionnaire, le silence, et la joie…, rien que la joie. Continue reading

Elisabeta Bostan – Ma-ma AKA Rock’n Roll Wolf (1976)


An enchanting film combining beautiful costumes, fun music and excellent ballet performance
5 March 2005 | by ( (United Kingdom)

I saw this film as a child in a small town cinema in Soviet Union, was completely mesmerised by it and since then was looking for it everywhere. Finally, we managed to get a video from Romania. I was so happy. It’s an enchanting, original, musical fairy-tale with a bit of rock’n’roll. The costumes and the music are Romanian indeed, but there are also wonderful Russian actors in main roles. I especially love Mihail Boyarski as the bad guy – the Wolf. There’s also a ballet performance from Bolshoi, and beautiful ballet on ice from Moscow. The film just has so much beauty and energy in it. I recommend it to all children and their parents. Unforgettable experience! Continue reading

Terrence Malick – Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey (2016)


An exploration into our planetary past and a search for humanity’s place in the future. With narration by Cate Blanchett.

In the six years since it was made, Terrence Malick’s poetic odyssey The Tree Of Life has come to be acclaimed as a masterpiece. This is odd for those of us who watched it early on and recall critics complaining about – or even walking out of – its opening sequence, which takes the audience on a rapid trip through swirling nebulae from the big bang to the present day. Malick’s new work, Voyage Of Time, expands on that sequence. Though the original was considered by some to be far too long at 20 minutes, it has now been expanded to 45 for IMAX screenings and to 90 for traditional cinemas. This time around, critics and audiences alike have a better idea what to expect. If you’re the kind of person to consider it at all, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Continue reading

Timon Koulmasis – Ulrike Marie Meinhof (1994)


This arresting European documentary chronicles the exploits of a radical journalist who joined Germany’s most notorious terrorist group in the 1970s. Through a combination of newsreel clips, television reports, and interviews with friends and colleagues, a complex portrait of the journalist, Ulrike Marie Meinhof emerges. While the media portrays the woman, who committed suicide in prison in 1976, as courageous and tremendously self-confident, her friends remember her much differently. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide Continue reading

François Truffaut – Baisers volés aka Stolen Kisses [+Extras] (1968)


Stolen Kisses is the third installment of the ‘Antoine Doinel Series’, tracing the life of Truffaut’s filmic alter ego, Jean-Pierre Léaud. It is now 1968 and Antoine is 20. Having received a dishonourable discharge from the army he returns to the streets of Paris where he stumbles through a series of unsatisfying jobs and romantic encounters.

Truffaut’s paean to the irrepressible of youth, Stolen Kisses is a playful, wistful and moving chapter in the life of one of cinema’s greatest fictional characters. Continue reading