Mia Hansen-Løve – Maya (2018)

December 2012. After four months in captivity in Syria, two French reporters are released.
Gabriel, the younger one, is just shy of 30.
Following a day of interrogations and medical exams, Gabriel is allowed to see his loved ones: his father, his ex- girlfriend Naomi… His mother lives in India, where he grew up. She has cut ties with everyone.
A few weeks later, unable to find his bearings, Gabriel decides to leave for India. He moves into his childhood home in Goa, and meets Maya, a young Indian girl. Read More »

Raoul Peck – Lumumba: La mort du prophète AKA Lumumba, Death of a Prophet (1990)

Lumumba: la mort du Prophete offers a unique opportunity to reconsider the life and legacy of one of the legendary figures of modern African history. Like Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba is remembered less for his lasting achievements than as an enduring symbol of the struggle for self-determination. This deeply personal reflection by acclaimed fimmaker Raoul Peck on the events of Lumumba’s brief twelve month rise and fall is a moving memorial to a man described as a giant, a prophet, a devil, “a mystic of freedom,” and “the Elvis Presley of African politics.” Read More »

Jacques Doillon – L’amoureuse (1987)

French synopsis:
Histoire et commentaires
Des amies se réunissent en Normandie, dans une grande maison de bord de mer pour l’anniversaire de Vanessa. Mais celle-ci, quittée par Michel, n’a pas envie de le fêter. Le temps d’un week-end sur la côte normande, les jeunes filles jouent le jeu de l’amour, chacune vivant à sa manière les méandres de sa vie sentimentale, jusqu’au moment où un jeune américain vient troubler leur intimité. L’une d’elle va succomber à ses charmes, mais l’amoureuse sera-t-elle vraiment amoureuse ? Read More »

Alice Diop – La permanence (2016)

In competition at the Cinéma du Réel Film Festival in Paris (March 2016) where it received the Institut français Louis Marcorelles Award, On Call is a film that makes a difference and is necessary as an increasingly fearful Europe faces the influx of refugees and migrants.
In a small doctor’s office, a fixed camera is placed on one side or the other of the room, allowing either the practitioner or the patient to be seen. How is it that the viewer remains glued to the screen for more than an hour and a half with such a minimalist approach? Glued, moved, in total empathy with those men and women, their pain, their suffering?
No doubt, it is what Alice Diop felt from the impact of hearing about these dramatic experiences that speak of the terrible evolution of a world where violence has become commonplace. Read More »

Chantal Akerman – Un divan à New York AKA A Couch in New York (1996)

A burlesque comedy made on a large(ish) budget by the mistress of small and often serious independent films.

A temporary apartment swap between a man in New York and a girl in Paris leads to hilarious developments. Henry (William Hurt) is a rich psychiatrist in his forties with a fantastic apartment in New York City. After his relationship breaks up he feels the need to come to himself. He puts an ad in the Paris edition of The Herald Tribune, in which he offers to swap his flat. The young dancer Beatrice (a role in which Juliette Binoche proves her great comic talent) pores over the The Herald every day to improve her English and sees Henry’s ad. Read More »

Jean-Pierre Mocky – Agent Trouble AKA The Man Who Loved Zoos (1987)

Amanda Weber is a museum employee. Her nephew, Victorien, who feels that wild animals should not be kept in zoos, while hitchhiking saw a mysterious bus with 50 dead tourists that later was found by autorities at the bottom of a lake. When Victorien gets in very serious problems due to what he saw Amanda seeks to find out what happened and soon also becomes a target. Read More »

Dominique Cabrera & Edmée Doroszlai – Chronique d’une banlieue ordinaire [+Extra] (1992)

At the end of the 80’s, four blocs of low cost housing in a Parisian suburb, Val-Fourre are being destroyed. Some people who lived here remember about their lives in these buildings. Read More »