Jean Epstein – Les berceaux (1931)


Here is the text for the poem by Sully Prudhomme that the song is based on:

Le long du Quai, les grands vaisseaux,
Que la houle incline en silence,
Ne prennent pas garde aux berceaux,
Que la main des femmes balance.

Mais viendra le jour des adieux,
Car il faut que les femmes pleurent,
Et que les hommes curieux
Tentent les horizons qui leurrent!
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Delphine Coulin & Muriel Coulin – Voir du pays AKA The Stopover (2016)


At the end of their tour of duty in Afghanistan, two young military women, Aurore and Marine, are given three days of “decompression leave” at a five-star resort in Cyprus, among tourists. But it’s not that easy to forget the war and leave the violence behind.
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Olivier Assayas – Personal Shopper (2016)


A personal shopper in Paris refuses to leave the city until she makes contact with her twin brother who previously died there. Her life becomes more complicated when a mysterious person contacts her via text message. Continue reading

Jérôme Reybaud – Jours de France AKA Four Days in France (2016)


Disillusioned with his life in Paris, Pierre Tomas drops everything to travel through France. Via phone numbers written in bathroom stalls, coincidental rendezvous, and Grindr, a smartphone app, Pierre never ceases to find a parking spot for the car he so dearly maneuvers. As he wanders the country for four days and four nights, his lover, Paul, will try to find him, using the same app that compasses Pierre. In a game of absurdist cat and mouse, these two lovers try, in their own ways, to find their way back to one another. Continue reading

Pascal Bonitzer – Tout de suite maintenant (2016)


Nora Sator, a dynamic young thirty-year-old, began her career in high finance.
When she learns that her boss and wife have frequented her father in their youth, she discovers that a mysterious rivalry still opposes them.
Ambitious, Nora quickly gains the confidence of her superiors but maintains complicated relations with her colleague Xavier, unlike her sister Maya who quickly succumbs to her charms …
Between stories of family, heart and professional intrigues, destinies intermingle and the masks fall. Continue reading

Jean Cocteau – Orphée AKA Orpheus [+commentary] (1950)


Jean Cocteau died on October 11, 1963, the same exact day that his longtime friend, the French chanteuse Edith Piaf, succumbed to liver cancer not all that far away. Some have even speculated that the news of Piaf’s death was what spurred the heart attack that claimed Cocteau, a beautiful, if melancholic coincidence, if we are to put our full faith into what’s ostensibly rumor, seeing as the famed poet, theater director, and filmmaker often remarked that he was more scared of the deaths of his loved ones than he was of his own inevitable demise. Continue reading