Fritz Lang – Harakiri (1919)

e6SC9c Fritz Lang   Harakiri (1919)

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O-Take-San (Lil Dagover) is a beautiful young woman pursued by an evil Buddhist monk (Georg John) who wants to make her one of his many geishas. She has an affair with the Danish officer Niels Prien (Olaf J. Anderson) who leaves her alone and pregnant. O-Take-San considers ritualistic suicide when she is abandoned in this tragic melodrama directed by Fritz Lang. A nitrate print of the 1919 silent classic was found in the Dutch Film Museum and restored in 1988. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide
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Fritz Lang – Metropolis [Full Version 2010] (1927)

ZKgUlu Fritz Lang   Metropolis [Full Version 2010] (1927)

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“Metropolis is not one film, Metropolis is two films joined by the belly, but with divergent, indeed extremely antagonistic, spiritual needs. Those who consider the cinema as a discreet teller of tales, will suffer a profound disillusion with Metropolis. Whait it tells us is trivial, pretentious, pedantic, hackneyed romanticism. But if we put before the story the plastic-photogenic basis of the film, then Metropolis will come up to any standards, will overwhelm us as the most marvelous picture book imaginable.”
— Luis Buñuel: Metropolis. In: Great Film Directors. Edited by Leo Braudy, Morris Dickstein. New York 1978, p. 590 Continue reading

Fritz Lang – M (1931)

mov1442 Fritz Lang   M (1931)

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A psychotic child murderer stalks a city, and despite an exhaustive investigation fueled by public hysteria and outcry, the police have been unable to find him. But the police crackdown does have one side-affect, it makes it nearly impossible for the organized criminal underground to operate. So they decide that the only way to get the police off their backs is to catch the murderer themselves. Continue reading

Fritz Lang – Das Wandernde Bild AKA The Moving Image (1920)

Das+wandernde+Bild Fritz Lang   Das Wandernde Bild AKA The Moving Image (1920)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Fritz Lang   Das Wandernde Bild AKA The Moving Image (1920)

There’s very little information available about “Das Wandernde Bild” (“The Wandering Image”). Even the massive “Fritz Lang: His Life and Work,” published by the Berlin Film Festival for a 2001 retrospective, has only this to offer:

“The melodrama Das wandernde Bild was made under the artistic supervision of Joe May, who also produced the film. It was shot largely at original locations at the Konigsee and the Watzmann. Its working title was “Madonna in the Snow.” May’s wife, Mia, played the lead. This was the first script Lang and Thea von Harbou wrote together.” Continue reading

Fritz Lang – Der Tiger von Eschnapur AKA The Tiger of Eschnapur (1959)

 Fritz Lang   Der Tiger von Eschnapur AKA The Tiger of Eschnapur (1959)

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“Der Tiger von Eschnapur” is a visual splendor, with an unusually inventive use of color, which is not unlike his British peer Michael Powell (Black orchid,thief of Bagdad).Lang was an architect ,and it’s impossible not to feel it,here more than in his entire American period. It’s no coincidence if his hero (Henri Mercier/Harald Berger) is an architect too;they are always holding and studying plans .Lang’s camera perfectly captures the space it describes .Mercier (Paul Hubschmid)is often filmed in high angle shot,in the huge palace of the Maharajah,in the tiger pit ,or later,in the second part ,in the dungeon where he’s imprisoned.Actually,and it’s obvious,it takes us back to Lang’s German silent era ,particularly “der müde Tod” “die Niebelungen” and “Metropolis”. Continue reading

pixel Fritz Lang   Der Tiger von Eschnapur AKA The Tiger of Eschnapur (1959)