Sohrab Shahid Saless – Die langen Ferien der Lotte H. Eisner aka The Long Vacation of Lotte H. Eisner (1979)

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Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide wrote:
Historian, author, and movie critic Lotte H. Eisner is the subject of this documentary. She recalls her early childhood in Germany and her association with such legendary directors as F.W. Murnau and Fritz Lang. Leaving Germany for Paris in 1933, her anticipation of WW II saw her relocating to the South of France. Eisner gives her considerable and insightful opinions on classic German Expressionist Films, as several of her admirers drop by during the interview conducted by director Sohrab Shadid-Saless. Read More »

Sohrab Shahid Saless – Utopia (1983)


In a slow-moving sequence of events, a brutal misogynist who runs a bordello with an iron hand has a few problems of his own: head pains of unknown origins, and some threatening associates. His punishment of one of the older women for not bringing in many customers sets off a counterattack that may stop his reign of terror — but is no threat to the exploitative business of prostitution itself.

~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide Read More »

Horst Geisler – Das ungewöhnliche Leben der Lilian Harvey (1983)

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Made for Bavarian TV in 1983, this documentary traces the life and films of the most popular female star of the late Weimar cinema, Lilian Harvey. From the very beginnings in some films by Richard Eichberg to her eminent stardom together with Willy Fritsch in classics like “Der Kongress tanzt”, her subsequent time in Hollywood and her return to Germany because of her love for director Paul Martin, to her escape from the nazis and her later life, the film gives a fine portrait of the actress and the big changes in the German film industry of the 20s and 30s. Read More »

Miraz Bezar – Min Dit: The Children of Diyarbakir AKA Before Your Eyes (2009)


An extraordinary performance by a 10-year-old girl anchors “The Children of Diyarbakir,” the debut feature of Miraz Bezar. Set in the predominantly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, the pic takes a straightforward, non-sensationalized approach to the tragic story of a brother and sister orphaned when their parents are assassinated by a secret-services paramilitary officer. Though it shows its first-feature origins, the film has moments, especially toward the end, that so transcend the material as to make the journey doubly worthwhile. A healthy fest life is assured, while Euro arthouse play isn’t out of the question.
Though less inspired, the early scenes do the necessary work of introducing characters and establishing a mood: Gulistan (Senay Orak) and her younger brother, Firat (Muhammed Al), have a normal childhood with their mom (Fahriye Celik) and dad (Alisan Onlu) and new baby brother. Dad is a Kurdish journalist; on their way back from a wedding, the family is stopped by three gunmen, who shoot the parents dead in front of the kids. The brief scene is all the more powerful because Bezar downplays any excess in either the lensing or editing. Read More »

Dominik Graf – Die Freunde der Freunde aka The Friend of Friends (2002)


stefflbw wrote:
Set in the boarding school milieu, the film depicts the meeting of shy Gregor and mysterious Billie. Billie has a son, her husband is in jail. Arthur, Gregor’s friend, is a serial Lothario, forever unfaithful to his girlfriend Pia. Both Arthur and Billie have had a similar mystical experience related to someone’s death. While Gregor believes that an elective affinity between two people preordains their lives, Arthur does not even subscribe to romantic feelings between the sexes.
Arthur is a failure at school and becomes mixed up with criminal elements, Gregor goes on to attend university, and remains in pursuit of Billie who passes in and out of his life on several occasions. Read More »

Robert Wiene – Orlacs Hände AKA The Hands of Orlac (1924)


A world renown pianist loses his hands in a train accident and gets a transplant from a convicted criminal. The hands, of course, take over… or do they? Read More »

Géza von Radványi – Mädchen in Uniform (1958)


After the death of her parents young girl Manuela von Meinhardis is sent to a boarding school where Prussian drill rules the education. Desperately seeking love and warmth in Manuela’s heart special emotions for the only human lady teacher, Fraeulein von Bernburg, start growing. Manuela falls in love with her. It’s just a matter of time until that forbidden love becomes known what immediatly leads to desaster. Though Elisabeth von Bernburg has never returned the love she is forced to leave the school; Manuela gets a severe punishment, like someone who has committed a crime. Read More »