Alfred Vohrer & Samuel M. Sherman – Die blaue Hand AKA Creature With the Blue Hand (1967)

Die blaue Hand is a pretty wild movie on its own terms. It crams a lot of bizarre digressions into a mere 74 minutes, not counting some stuff reportedly inserted after the fact by an American distributor. You get a room full of hanging mannequins, a butler who reveals himself as the disgruntled ex-husband of the Emerson materfamilias, and a second inspection of the insane stripper, on top of everything I’ve already mentioned. If Kinski recedes during the story, Karl Lange emerges as an awesome looking villain in the Germanic Caligari tradition of evil asylum keepers, while Diana Koerner makes Myra an appealing heroine. Visually, even in something well short of restored form, Hand looks great in moody, Bava-influenced color, and the admitted datedness of the music is a point in the film’s favor as far as I’m concerned. Read More »

Helma Sanders-Brahms – Heinrich (1977)

A biopic by Helma Sanders-Brahm on the life of the poet and dramatist Heinrich von Kleist. The film is based upon his letters, documents and literary works. This film won the Deutscher Filmpreis in 1977 making Sanders-Brahm the first female director to win it. Read More »

Francesco Stefani – Das singende, klingende Bäumchen AKA The Singing, Ringing Tree (1957)

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Many Britons of a certain age share a collective memory so firmly etched in their psyches that the very mention of it brings back childhood nightmares. In 1964, BBC television serialized a film about a haughty princess, a prince that turns into a bear, a giant goldfish, and a really, really evil dwarf. So powerful are the memories of this film, that thirty-eight years later BBC Radio 4 did a program on the film’s effect on an entire generation. The film was called The Singing Ringing Tree, and none of those children could have known that they were watching a film that was the product of East Germany. Read More »

Ulrich Köhler – In My Room (2018) (HD)

A bored man suddenly realizes everyone around him has disappeared though he isn’t sure what happened. Read More »

Fatih Akin – Der goldene Handschuh AKA The Golden Glove (2019)

A serial killer strikes fear in the hearts of residents of Hamburg during the early 1970s. Read More »

Werner Herzog – Lektionen in Finsternis AKA Lessons of Darkness (1992)

This film shows the disaster of the Kuwaitian oil fields in flames. In contrast to the common documentary film there are no comments and few interviews. What must have been the hell itself is presented to the viewer in such beautiful sights and beautiful music that one has to be fascinated by it. Read More »

Philip Gröning – Mein Bruder heißt Robert und ist ein Idiot AKA My Brother’s Name Is Robert and He Is an Idiot (2018) (HD)

Robert and Elena are twins entangled in a tale of puberty, philosophy and sexuality.

Gröning’s screenplay centers on a brother and sister, Robert and Elena, 19-year-old twins, who spend one summer’s weekend at a petrol station out in the countryside cramming for Elena’s final exam in Philosophy. Read More »