Dominik Graf – Der Felsen AKA A Map Of The Heart (2002)


Things could hardly turn out worse for Katrin. In Corsica, her boss and lover of many years tells her that his wife is pregnant. In one abrupt instant, all hopes for a life together are dashed. Her plans for her future unraveled, her heart broken, Katrin breaks up with him. But all her attempts to start a new life simply toss her deeper into a maelstrom of aimlessness and pain.

She then happens to meet Malte, an adventure-hungry young man who lives on the edge and strictly for the moment. He overwhelms her with the honesty and clarity of his feelings – and suddenly, from one minute to the next, her life becomes a dangerous tightrope walk. Read More »

Alexander Pfeuffer – Frühstück? aka Breakfast? (2002)

Boris, on the cusp of coming out, is smitten with Til. Upon leaving a club one night, just as they are about to kiss for the first time, an interloper joins them and much to Boris’ chagrin, Til is delighted. Boris doesn’t know how to deal with this and is jealous.

This is a well-made short that gives the audience a peek into the difficulties that arise when two boys look at love (and their relationship) differently.

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Marian Dora – Melancholie der Engel AKA The Angels’ Melancholia (2009)


Melancholie Der Engel is widely regarded by most extreme horror film fans as the single most extreme film that has ever been created. This film pushes every boundary that has ever been set before in an extreme film. There are scenes in here that will make even the most hardened horror fan cringe.

This film was created in 2009 by the extreme German horror film director, Marian Dora. This director was behind the famous film Cannibal, which caused massive controvery when it was first released. He has done the same thing again with this film. It is shot in much the same fashion using, light and shadow as not only a part of the scene, but almost as a character in itself. Read More »

Murielle Scherre – J’fais Du Porno Et J’aime Ça AKA I Make Porno and I Like It (2009)

Why make porn these days, you wonder? What used to be underground smutt is now so mainstream it becomes weird when the pizzaboy doesn’t make a move at you. We are shocked at women breastfeeding in public but consider it amusing when a guy gets it up the rear by a horse.
I hold nothing against porn itself. What does make my skin creep is the total lack of the pure basics of what i consider good sex: the hunger. Read More »

Bruce LaBruce – Durch die Nacht mit… Béatrice Dalle und Virginie Despentes (2011)

Zwei ungewöhnliche Frauen der Pariser Kulturszene lassen sich vom kanadischen Filmemacher Bruce LaBruce durch die nächtliche französische Metropole begleiten. Wenn es in Frankreich um aufsehenerregende Frauen in Literatur und Film geht, dann fallen schnell die Namen Béatrice Dalle – exzentrische Schauspielerin und Femme fatale des französischen Kinos (“Betty Blue – 37,2 Grad am Morgen”, “Trouble Every Day”) und Virginie Despentes – Star der feministischen Literatur in Frankreich und Regisseurin der Verfilmungen ihrer eigenen Bücher (“Baise-moi/Fick mich!” und “Bye Bye Blondie”). Die beiden Ausnahmekünstlerinnen streifen durch das winterliche Paris und führen sich gegenseitig an die Orte ihrer Inspiration. Nach einem Besuch in dem ehrwürdigen Gotteshaus Eglise Sainte Rita, das sich den “verlorenen Seelen” verschrieben hat, steht eine Musik-Performance mit bizarren Tiermasken in der Galerie Paul Toupet auf dem Programm. Bei der Visite eines DVD-Geschäfts mit echten Raritäten fachsimpeln die beiden Frauen über die besten Filme aller Zeiten und lästern über einige Kollegen. Read More »

Ernst Lubitsch – Kohlhiesels Töchter AKA Kohlhiesel’s Daughters (1920)


Somewhere in Southern Bavaria Xaver wants to marry Gretel, but her father Kohlhiesel wants his elder daughter Liesel to marry first. The problem is, nobody wants to marry her, because she’s too brutal. Seppel suggests, that he should marry Liesel first, get rid of her and then he can marry Gretel… Read More »

Henrik Galeen & Paul Wegener – Der Golem AKA The Golem [Fragment] (1915)


In Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv, 108 meter fragments of Der Golem (1914) are preserved. (Original length is 1250 meter.) Among those fragments, 97 meter parts are restored in this DVD. Act 1 scene 39, and somewhere of Act 4 which includes intertitle #32 and #33, with newly created opening title. Read More »