Glauber Rocha – Câncer (1972)

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The film does not have a story. There are three characters and violent action. I was interested in making a technical experiment, concernig the problem of the resistance of the duration of the cinematographic take. There, we can see how the technique interferes in the cinematographic process. I decided to make a film in which each take would have the length of a chassis, and study the almost elimination of the editing when there is a verbal action and a psychological action in the same take. – Glauber Rocha Continue reading

Glauber Rocha – A Idade da Terra AKA The Age of the Earth (1980)


“The movie shows a Sinner-Christ, performed by Jece Valadão; a Black-Christ, performed by Antônio Pitanga; shows the Christ that is the portuguese conqueror, Dom Sebastião, performed by Tarcísio Meira and show the Ogum-Warrior Christ of Lampião, performed by Geraldo Del Rey. That is, the four Knights of the Apocalypse that resurrect the Christ of the Third World, recounting the myth through the four evangelists: Matthew, “Marcos”, “Lucas” and John, whose identity is revealed in the film almost like it was a Third Testament. And the film assumes a prophetic tone, really biblical and religious.” Glauber Rocha

Plot Synopsis
A personal vision of contemporary Brazil and its evolution, with a number of archetypes which recall some of Glauber Rocha’s previous films : the Indian, the Colonizer, the Nordeste man, the Worker, the Amazon, the Bourgeois and a black Christ bringing new revolutionary hope for the Third World. Continue reading