Thanos Anastopoulos – All the weight of the world aka Olo to varos tou kosmou (2003)


Everyone carries something, some burden that weighs him down.
Some are crushed, others are freed, others just carry on.
Eleven characters cross each others paths, unveiling their fears and desires, during the world weightlifting championship.
A thousand kilos story, light as a summer breeze?

Kάθε άνθρωπος κάτι κουβαλά, κάποιο φορτίο τον βαραίνει.
Άλλοι ισοπεδώνονται απ’ αυτό, άλλοι απελευθερώνονται, άλλοι απλά συνεχίζουν.
Έντεκα χαρακτήρες, που οι διαδρομές τους διασταυρώνονται, αποκαλύπτοντας τους φόβους και τις επιθυμίες τους, στη διάρκεια του παγκοσμίου πρωταθλήματος Άρσης Βαρών.
Μια ιστορία χιλίων κιλών, ανάλαφρη σαν αεράκι… Continue reading

Costas Ferris – Rembetiko (1983)

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Considered to be one of the most powerful and emotional Greek movies, Rembetiko focuses on the life of an individual woman, a real person, and through her personal story, it retells the story of Greece, from 1920 to 1955: the national disaster in Minor Asia, the one million refugees who came to Greece, the World War II, the Nazi occupation, the Civil War, immigration. The revival of an era, the recall of lost ethics of the old time musicians, and all the elements of a popular music drama, compose this epic masterpiece, accompanied by the music and songs of Stavros Xarhakos (most of them with lyrics by Nikos Gkatsos).

A voyage to history of the first half of the 20th century, but also a voyage to the origins of rembetiko – a Greek form of urban blues performed in lowclass joints where the social misfits of the twenties known as “rembetes” gathered. Continue reading

Theodoros Angelopoulos – O megalexandros AKA Alexander the Great (1980)


from allmovie:
Director Theodoros Anghelopulos has created a clever vehicle for conveying the substance of this award-winning political drama. He uses the acting techniques of Greek tragedy, such as formal posturing and long-held camera shots, as well as symbolism right out of classical Greek plays, to put across his parallel to Alexander the Great. This new Alexander is a “bandit” who escapes from prison in 1900 and starts fighting the government. He kidnaps some British aristocrats to hold them as ransom against amnesty for himself and his men. When he returns with his hostages to his native village, he and the local ruling schoolteacher have a go-around on how the town is to be run. — Eleanor Mannikka Continue reading

Dinos Dimopoulos – Kontserto gia polyvola (1967)


Athens, right before the beginning of WW2. Niki, an employee of the General Army HQ, is
accused of giving classified documents to an Italian agent. She is blackmailed with threats about her brother’s life who is studying in Italy. She makes no effort to defend herself and doesn’t care if she gets convicted to death sentence, but she accepts the cooperation of General Dareios, to keep giving army documents to the Italians only these documents are falsified to deceive the enemy. A Greek captain, named Theodorou, gets involved in the case. He is in love with Niki. He gets arrested and accused for stealing the documents and is sent to martial court, where he is sentenced to death penalty…. Continue reading

Laya Yourgou – Kokkinos ouranos AKA Red Sky (2011)


Plot / Synopsis

Two close friends, Aris and Stelios, have their minds on a mutual goal; they “immigrate” to the south of Greece and together they begin a banana greenhouse business in Crete. There they live secluded in a house by the countryside, with a magnificent view of the Libyan Sea having as their sole amusement Angeliki’s nearby tavern. This is a place where mostly foreign tourists arrive; drown like magnets by the magic of the unknown, red African horizon. Determined to keep women out of their lives, they, and mostly Aris, are unfriendly towards the newly arrived Cordoba, a friend of Aris’ sister who lives and works in Germany. Stelios, after going on a casual stroll with her in the island’s market, will end up going to bed with her. In a mood of recklessness that “suits” summer affairs. But this “one night stand” will develop into a relationship and lead to Cordoba moving in the house the two friends share. Feeling antagonistic, mostly towards Stelios, Aris finds himself flirting with Cordoba. In his own way, being quite the opposite of Stelios’s, he fascinates her and finally wins her erotic interest as Cordoba finds in each one of them elements she is looking for in a man’s personality. Continue reading

Stratos Tzitzis – 45m2 (2010)


Christina is a good looking 23 year-old girl from a working-class family. She works as a sales assistant in a classy hand-bag emporium, and belongs to what the Greeks call “the 700 euros generation” – the young people who work for the minimum wage and live with their parents, because they can’t afford to move out. But Christina has enough of that. She decides to rent a place of her own where she can find herself away from her mother’s watchful gaze. Overstretching herself financially, she moves into a 45m2 flat: the rent’s a bargain because the area’s full of foreigners. A foreigner in their midst, she takes her first steps towards freedom. Continue reading