György Fehér – Szürkület aka Twilight (1990)


A former inspector on his last day with the department is called in to investigate a child murder. A suspect soon confesses to the crime, but knowing that the confession came only after the man was browbeaten in a relentless, 20-hour interrogation, the inspector’s keen police instincts tell him that the man is not the real murderer and that there is a serial killer at work, with the girl’s murder being related to other child murders that occurred in the area. However, he is alone in his assessment and the police close the case.

Having made a solemn promise to the parents of the murdered girl that he would find the culprit, the inspector abandons his previous plans and continues investigating the case as a private citizen. He is warned by a psychiatrist that the murderer he seeks might not exist, and thus he might drive himself mad with his obsession in finding the man… Continue reading György Fehér – Szürkület aka Twilight (1990)