Henri Verneuil – Le Casse aka The Burglars (1971)


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Henri Verneuil’s The Burglars has a bit of a cult reputation for an infamous car chase through Greece – fully deserved for that lone, incredible sequence – but more than thirty years since its theatrical release, the flaws in this second attempt at adapting David Goodis’ novel to the big screen are painfully evident. Continue reading

Henri Verneuil – Le corps de mon ennemi AKA Body of My Enemy (1976)


‘Francois Leclerc returns to his home, an industrial town in northern France, after serving a seven year prison sentence for a murder he did not commit. He recalls the events which led up to his trial, beginning with his romance with Gilberte Liegeard, daughter of a powerful industrialist, and the spectacular opportunities for social climbing this offered him.Before his fall from grace, Leclerc was a popular figure, managing an exclusive night club. But he had some dangerous enemies, who implicated him in a double murder. Seven years on, Leclerc is determined to have his revenge…’

– Films de France Continue reading

Henri Verneuil – Le Clan des Siciliens aka The Sicilian Clan [+Extras] (1969)


Plot Outline :
With the help of the Malanese family (a.k.a. the Sicilian Clan), a convicted crook and murderer, Roger Sartet, escapes from a police van which is transporting him to prison. When he meets the head of the family, the aging gangster, Vittorio Manalese, Sartet suggests that they join forces and in an incredible robbery. The plan is to steal a collection of jewels whilst is being transported on an aeroplane between Paris and New York. Inspector Le Goff, who has sworn to bring Sartet to justice, learns of the planned robbery and attempts to prevent it. Meanwhile, the seeds of mistrust begin to appear between Startet and Vittorio… Continue reading

Henri Verneuil – Week-end à Zuydcoote AKA Weekend at Dunkirk (1964)



June 1940. English and French troops fighting against the Germans in Northern France are forced to retreat to the coastal town of Dunkirk. Their only hope of escape is to cross the channel to England – but there are few boats and all the time they are attacked from the air by German fighter planes. Whilst waiting for his chance to escape, one French sergeant, Julien Maillat, befriends a young woman, Jeanne, who resolutely refuses to leave her home in Dunkirk. Continue reading

Henri Verneuil – I… comme Icare aka I as in Icarus (1979)

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The president of an unnamed western republic is shot dead at a public event and his supposed assassin is found dead a short while later. An investigation concludes that the president was killed by a lunatic who subsequently shot himself. Only one man disputes this conclusion, a public prosecutor named Henry Volney. Suspecting a cover-up, he takes charge of a new investigation to discover the truth… Continue reading