Herrmann Zschoche

Herrmann Zschoche – Insel der Schwäne AKA Swan Island (1983)

Fourteen-year-old Stefan Kolbe, along with his mother and sister, moves from an idyllic small town to the developing area of Berlin-Marzahn, where his father works as a construction worker. Stefan must find his way in a completely new environment and surrounded by strange people. Stefan gets to know two girls, who attempt to seduce him, and gets himself into trouble with the landlord, who kisses up to societal authority figures. He becomes friends with the anxious Hubert, defends him against the constant humiliation of the older student Windjacke, and encourages him to stand up for himself. It ends tragically in a bitter fight between Stefan and Windjacke. Read More »

Herrmann Zschoche – Karla AKA Carla (1965)


East German romance about a non conformist young school teacher and a disenchanted journalist turned fisherman. Read More »

Herrmann Zschoche – Sieben Sommersprossen AKA Seven Freckles (1978)


SYNOPSIS: Having once lived in the same house as young children, Caroline and Robby meet again at summer camp years later. Now 15-years-old, a relationship begins to build between the two old friends, but there are many obstacles getting in the way of their love. The other camp counselors disapprove of the love affair between Caroline and Robby and try everything to keep them apart. At camp, their regiment is strict and the camp director’s only interest is in keeping his campers in tip-top shape through serious exercise routines, and leaving no time for the youngsters to get acquainted. The campers choose to perform a play, Romeo and Juliet, and it is soon discovered that Caroline has competition for Robby’s love after he is chosen for the role of Romeo. Read More »