István Szabó – Álmodozások kora AKA Age of Illusions (1964)


The Hungarian Age of Illusions was the first feature-film effort by writer/director István Szabó. Andras Balint plays an electrical engineer who hops from bed to bed, never making any lasting commitment with any one woman. All this changes when he falls in love with a local celebrity whom he sees on television (Ilona Beres). Trouble is, he’s never met her; like her other fans, he can assess her only by what he witnesses on the small screen. When he finally does touch base with the girl, he’s in for a few surprises-some pleasant, many others not so. Completed in 1965, Age of Illusions was not given widespread distribution until 1967. Read More »

Malcolm J. Thomson – David Bowie – Love You Till Tuesday (1969)


Love You till Tuesday was a promotional film designed to showcase the talents of David Bowie, made in 1969. The film was the latest attempt by his manager, Kenneth Pitt, to bring Bowie to a wider audience. Pitt had undertaken the film after a suggestion by Gunther Schnedier, producer of German TV show ‘4-3-2-1 Musik Für Junge Leute’ for the ZDF network. Read More »

Víg Mihály – Filmzenek (Music From The Films Of Béla Tarr) (2001)

1. Föcim (Track 1-6: Öszi Almanach) 1:13
2. Lukin 1:37
3. Õskígyó 1:27
4. Lengyelország 1:42
5. Pajesz 2:00
6. Synth 1:46
7. Csille (Track 7-13: Kárhozat) 1:33
8. Kész Az Egész 8:18
9. Esõ I. 4:24
10. R and R 4:47
11. Lassú Tánc 5:05
12. Körtánc I. 5:38
13. Vonósnégyes 1:44
14. Harang I. (Track 14-20: Sátántangó) 2:47
15. Esõ II. 1:40
16. Halics 3:46
17. Szabad Egy Tangót 3:04
18. Körtánc II. 5:23
19. Pityi 0:13
20. Harang II. 1:33
21. Valuska (Track 21-22: Werckmeister Harmóniák) 4:14
22. Öreg 10:00
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Béla Tarr – Hotel Magnezit (1978)


The exam movie of Béla Tarr.

Documentaristic subject picture about a worker’s hostel. An old worker is suspected with stealing a motor, he’s been fired from the factory and he has to leave the hostel. First he offends and attacks all of his roommates, then he starts to cry and tells that he was a pilot in WWII and he’s left his soul there. An interesting portrait of human reactions and changing emotions. Read More »

Frigyes Bán & Vladislav Pavlovic – Szent Péter esernyöje AKA St. Peter’s Umbrella (1958)


Plot / Synopsis

The movie St. Peter’s Umbrella, is an adaptation of one of the best-known works of Kálmán Mikszáth, and based on a real-life story. In the plot, a new priest is appointed in Glogova, a town in the Hungarian highlands. The priest has to take care of his two-year-old orphaned sister, Veronka. On a summer day, she is sheltered from a shower by an umbrella put above her. As people begin to gossip that the mysterious helper was Saint Peter himself, the umbrella becomes a holy relic bringing a lot of money. Yet one day the truth is revealed: the benefactor was not Saint Peter and the umbrella is indeed worth a fortune. A bitter chase begins, at the end of which something far more precious than money is found. The enchanting story is in fact a fully elaborated anecdote about finding happiness in discovering sincere love rather than in the pursuit of wealth. Read More »

Péter Gárdos – Szamárköhögés AKA Whooping Cough (1987)


Plot Synopsis by Sandra Brennan
A 10-year-old Hungarian boy and his grandmother cope with the bloody Budapest uprising of 1956 that led to the Soviet takeover of the country. When the October battles begin, the boy and his family are forced to remain in their homes. The grandmother spends her days reading, and the boy is thrilled to be out of school. While they await the end of the curfew, many things befall the lad and his family.” Allmovie Read More »

János Rózsa – A trombitás AKA The Trumpeter (1979)


The film takes place after the Thököly insurrection as a result of the persecutions and deprivations bandit was going downhill between exiles. One three robbers slaughter and cleans it out the Polish host of sixteen year boys. They leave a trumpeter’s life because a beautiful Kuruc sings songs on his trumpet. Read More »