Ingmar Bergman – Saraband (2003)

13OJgZ Ingmar Bergman   Saraband (2003)

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Marianne, some thirty years after divorcing Johan, decides to visit her ex-husband at his summer home. She arrives in the middle of a family drama between Johan’s son from another marriage and his granddaughter.

Roger Ebert
August 4, 2005
Ingmar Bergman is balancing his accounts and closing out his books. The great director is 85 years old, and announced in 1982 that “Fanny and Alexander” would be his last film. So it was, but he continued to work on the stage and for television, and then he wrote the screenplay for Liv Ullmann’s film “Faithless” (2000). Now comes his absolutely last work, “Saraband,” powerfully, painfully honest.

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Ingmar Bergman – Beröringen AKA The Touch [12 min longer] (1971)

 Ingmar Bergman   Beröringen AKA The Touch [12 min longer] (1971)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Ingmar Bergman   Beröringen AKA The Touch [12 min longer] (1971)

imdb plot summary:
A seemingly happy Swedish housewife and mother begins an adulterous affair with a foreign archaeologist who is working near her home. But he is an emotionally scarred man, a Jewish survivor from a concentration camp who found refuge in the U.S.,and, consequently, their relationship will be painfully difficult. Continue reading

Ingmar Bergman – Ett drömspel aka A Dream Play (1963)

vlcsnap2013032518h46m28 Ingmar Bergman   Ett drömspel aka A Dream Play (1963)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Ingmar Bergman   Ett drömspel aka A Dream Play (1963)


This made-for-television film constituted Bergman’s first production of Strindberg’s A Dreamplay – a play he would revisit three times more. Gunnar Ollén’s Malmö crew was behind this, for its time, prestigious and costly theatre production, involving more than 40 actors and no less than 75 extras.

In this production, critics thought they discerned a change in Bergman’s style of directing. Ebbe Linde in Dagens Nyheter:

‘I think one can differentiate between an old and a new Ingmar Bergman: an old sensational one from the beginning of his career and a subdued, demanding one, now at his peak. That his approach implies a deepening of his art seems clear to me, at the same time as it might limit his geographical appeal.’ Continue reading

Ingmar Bergman – Persona [+Extras] (1966)

otherposter Ingmar Bergman   Persona [+Extras] (1966)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Ingmar Bergman   Persona [+Extras] (1966)

“Heavily artistically infused this chamber piece from Bergman lauded numerous international awards for both the film and the performances. It’s beautiful imagery from Sven Nykvist’s magnificent cinematography, its high level of pretension and its inability to be comprehensible have given it a unique place in cinema history. “Persona” can causes a myriad of personal reactions. Perhaps its greatest triumph is forcing the viewer to allow “it” to penetrate… to open yourself to its deeply felt expressions and perhaps have it touch upon your own. “Persona” is rife with universal emotions; pain, love, desire, regret, longing. This is a film that can be viewed multiple times garnering more from each visit … or less, depending on how you allow it to brush your subconscious… that part of you filled with emotions which you rarely, if ever, openly discuss. Continue reading

Ingmar Bergman – Höstsonaten AKA Autumn Sonata (1978) (HD)

 Ingmar Bergman   Höstsonaten AKA Autumn Sonata (1978) (HD)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Ingmar Bergman   Höstsonaten AKA Autumn Sonata (1978) (HD)

After having neglected her children for many years, world famous pianist Charlotte visits her daughter Eva in her home. To her surprise she finds her other daughter, Helena, there as well. Helena is mentally disabled, and Eva has taken Helena out of the institution where their mother had placed her. The tension between Charlotte and Eva only builds up slowly, until a nightly conversation releases all the things they have wanted to tell each other. Continue reading

Ingmar Bergman – Jungfrukällan AKA The Virgin Spring (1960) (HD)

oarxo Ingmar Bergman   Jungfrukällan AKA The Virgin Spring (1960) (HD)

logoimdbb Ingmar Bergman   Jungfrukällan AKA The Virgin Spring (1960) (HD)

Set in beautiful 14th century Sweden, it is the sombre, powerful fable of wealthy land-owning parents whose daughter, a young virgin, is brutally raped and murdered by goat herders after her half sister has invoked a pagan curse. By a bizarre twist of fate, the murderers ask for food and shelter from the dead girl’s parents, who, discovering the truth about their erstwhile lodgers, exact a chilling revenge Continue reading

Ingmar Bergman – Smultronstället (1957) (HD)

qid9c Ingmar Bergman   Smultronstället (1957) (HD)

thgc Ingmar Bergman   Smultronstället (1957) (HD)

With the exception of his elderly housekeeper Miss Agda who he treats almost like a surrogate platonic wife, widowed seventy-eight year old Dr. Isak Borg, a former medical doctor and professor, has retreated from any human contact, partly his own want but partly the decision of others who do not want to spend time with him because of his cold demeanor. He is traveling from his home in Stockholm to Lund to accept an honorary degree. Instead of flying as was the original plan, he decides to take the day long drive instead. Along for the ride is his daughter-in-law Marianne, who had been staying with him for the month but has now decided to go home. The many stops and encounters along the way make him reminisce about various parts of his life. Those stops which make him reminisce directly are at his childhood summer home, at the home of his equally emotionally cold mother, and at a gas station where the attendants praise him as a man for his work.
Continue reading

pixel Ingmar Bergman   Smultronstället (1957) (HD)