Danis Tanovic – Triage (2009)


A war photographer on assignment in Kurdistan is traumatized by the death of his best friend. He is then nursed back to health by his girlfriend’s grandfather, who may or may not be a notorious war criminal from the Spanish Civil War.

When I looked up a bit of information on Triage after watching it, I was genuinely surprised to discover that it’s not a true story. I suppose it’s the touch of an actual war correspondent that gives it that real life cache, as the author of the novel it’s based upon is a veteran in that arena. While it had a degree of Hollywood polish and shine, it felt tremendously possible, which made it easy to relate to as a viewer, despite my having spent the entirety of my own life lazy and safe and nowhere near anything approximating war. Continue reading Danis Tanovic – Triage (2009)

Jim Sheridan – In the Name of the Father (1993)


In the Name of the Father tells the true saga of Gerry Conlon. A petty thief in
strife-torn ’70s Belfast, Gerry’s main interests are getting drunk and partying, much to the
dismay of his quiet, frail afther Guiseppe (Pete Postlethwaite).

When Gerry angers the IRA, his father sends him to England, where his antics land him
in the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent, but forced to confess to a savage
terrorist bombing, he is sentenced to life imprisonment as one of the “Guildford Four”.
An innocent Guiseppe is also arrested and jailed, and while behind bars, Gerry slowly
learns that his father’s seeming masks an unmatched inner strength and wisdom.

Working with a fiercely dedicated lawyer, Gerry determines to prove his innocence, clear
his father’s name and expose the truth behind one of the most shameful legal events in
recent history. Continue reading Jim Sheridan – In the Name of the Father (1993)

Juanita Wilson – As If I Am Not There (2010)



A harsh dose of cinematic realism about a harsh time-the Bosnian War of the 1990s-
Juanita Wilson’s drama is taken from true stories revealed during the International Criminal
Tribunal in The Hague. Samira is a modern schoolteacher in Sarajevo who takes a job in
a small country village just as the war is beginning to ramp up. When Serbian soldiers
overrun the village, shoot the men and keep the women as laborers (the older ones) and
sex objects (the younger ones), Samira is subjected to the basest form of treatment
imaginable. Continue reading Juanita Wilson – As If I Am Not There (2010)

Lance Daly – Kisses (2008)


From Quiet Earth:
Time for a slice of Irish life that the tourist posters won’t show you. Lance Daly’s powerful new feature is a beautifully shot account of two 11 year old runaways on the unforgiving streets of Dublin. Amazing performances by child actors Kelly O’Neill (Kylie) and Shane Curry (Dylan), the film features a strong folksy soundtrack, and is reminiscent of Ken Loach’s work in a film like Kes. When Kisses won best feature film at the Galway Film Festival this year, Focus Features acquired the rights, and with any luck it will pick up the same buzz that Once did and get into more cinemas. Continue reading Lance Daly – Kisses (2008)

Tomm Moore & Nora Twomey – The Secret of Kells (2009)



The 9th Century tale of a young boy whose destiny is to complete the legendary Book of Kells, the Cartoon Saloon film Brendan and the Secret of Kells looks to be a marvelous display of creativity in animation, both in terms of compelling visuals and articulate storytelling.
Nominated for Oscar. Continue reading Tomm Moore & Nora Twomey – The Secret of Kells (2009)

Urszula Antoniak – Nothing Personal (2009)


Alone in her empty flat, from her window Anne observes the people passing by who nervously snatch up the personal belongings and pieces of furniture she has put out on the pavement. Her final gesture of taking a ring off her finger signals she is leaving her previous life in Holland behind. She goes to Ireland, where she chooses to lead a solitary, wandering existence, striding through the austere landscapes of Connemara. During her travels, she discovers a house that is home to a hermit, Martin Continue reading Urszula Antoniak – Nothing Personal (2009)

John Carney – Once (2006)


An (unnamed) Guy is a Dublin guitarist/singer-songwriter who makes a living by fixing vacuum cleaners in his Dad’s Hoover repair shop by day, and singing and playing for money on the Dublin streets by night. An (unnamed) Girl is a Czech who plays piano when she gets a chance, and does odd jobs by day and takes care of her mom and her daughter by night. Guy meets Girl, and they get to know each other as the Girl helps the Guy to put together a demo disc that he can take to London in hope of landing a music contract. During the same several day period, the Guy and the Girl work through their past loves, and reveal their budding love for one another, through their songs.

Charles Delacroix Continue reading John Carney – Once (2006)